Server and Forums Rules

When playing on MythicMC, the following rules must always be adhered to. These rules also apply to the forums and Discord server along with their own rules.

Server Rules

Hacks and Unfair Advantages

Connecting with any of these mods is not allowed, even if you do not use them.

  • Any form of x-ray is not allowed.
  • Cave mapping mods are not allowed.
  • Entity tracking is not allowed.
  • Mods that give unfair advantages are not allowed. (This includes aimbots, kill aura, auto clickers, mods that allow you to auto attack/auto fish/auto equip armor/auto eat/auto mine, etc.)
  • Any builds/mods used to bypass the AFK kick are not allowed (AFK pools or AFK redstone builds)
  • Connecting via a VPN or anything else that changes your IP is not allowed.
  • Collaborating with players using unfair advantages will also get you in trouble.
  • Brightness mods or resource packs are allowed.

Behavior Rules

  • Abusing other players is not allowed.
  • Avoid excessive swearing and keep the chat civil.
  • Stealing from or griefing other players is not allowed.
  • Scamming is not allowed.
  • Impersonation of others is not allowed.
  • Begging is not allowed.
  • Asking to become a staff member is not allowed.
  • Racism or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • Advertising other servers is not allowed. Mentioning just their name, however, is fine.
  • Don’t complain about server restarts or downtime, they are required to keep the server online.
  • Reporting players falsely or attempting to get them banned without a valid reason is not allowed.
  • Spamming in chat is not allowed. Avoid splitting your sentences into multiple messages in public chats.
  • Never give out personal information. This includes name, age, location, etc. Staff will NEVER ask your password. This is for your safety.
  • NSFW content in the in-game server is not allowed. This includes e.g. map arts with NSFW content, highly suggestive content in signs/chat, etc. There is a line, don’t cross it.
  • Use common sense when chatting with others. We cannot cover everything that is disallowed.

Account Rules

  • Only 1 Account per player and IP. If you need more accounts for relatives you must request for them on forums.
  • Account sharing is not allowed.

General In-Game Rules

  • Killing players outside the PvP zone is not allowed.
  • Building in the wilderness is not allowed. ALWAYS claim before building. Mining/looting in Wilderness, however, is allowed.
  • English only in Public Channels. You may speak a different language in Private Messages (/m name), Party Chat, or the Faction Channel.
    Why?We are sorry if this is an inconvenience for you. We understand many players who join MythicMC don’t speak English and struggle to play on the server as a consequence. However, in order for us to be able to moderate the server and keep public channels understandable for everyone, we must only allow English in global. Thank you for understanding.
  • The Help Channel must be kept free for players actually seeking help. You must leave the channel once you are done (/ch g, /ch leave h)—general conversation in this channel is not allowed.
  • Only links from forums allowed in-game. Do not advertise personal services. This includes Youtube channels and Twitch channels.

Faction Rules

To give a fair advantage, we have split “animals” into 2 categories for limits: Animals and Pets. This will allow faction members to have their pets while allowing the faction to have animals.

Pets: Cat, Ocelot, Donkey, Fox, Horse, Mule, Strider, Parrot, Dolphin, Llama, Polar bear, Wolf, Snow Golem. Anything else is considered as “Animals”

  • No more than 50 animals per faction.
  • No more than 10 pets per player.
  • No more than 10 turtles per faction.
  • No more than 12 villagers per faction.
  • Selling Guardian Farms (chunks) is not allowed.
  • Only 1 Guardian Farm per faction.
  • Iron golem farms are not allowed.
  • Inviting players temporarily to claim land is forbidden.
  • No more than 8 Nether Portals per faction. These are only used to spawn pigmen. The max size for a nether portal is 21Ă—21.

Additionally, faction claims should not block another faction’s potential growth in the future, meaning you should never claim around a faction or immediately next to it in a way that blocks its expansion. This is considered claim griefing and is a bannable offense.

Sub-Faction Rules

A sub-faction is a second faction that is “related to” another faction for additional claims. This is a closer relation than an Allied faction.

  • Only 1 sub-faction per faction is allowed.
  • A sub-faction may only be created when the main faction has 25+ players (your main faction can lose players after this as long as you are not abusing the claim system, read below).
  • The sub-faction description must say Sub-faction of mainfactionname.. Any attempt to pretend a sub-faction isn’t a sub-faction will be punished.
  • Both factions have a shared animal limit i.e. both combined can’t have more than 50 animals.
  • Both factions may have no more than 8 Nether portals combined.
  • Both factions can only have 1 guardian farm i.e. you cannot claim 2 ocean monuments.
  • They must not be used to abuse claiming power. (Inviting temporary players to a faction just to get more claims is not allowed.)

Redstone Rules

A redstone clock is a form of redstone that keeps running in a loop.

  • Redstone clocks MUST have an on/off switch.
  • Leaving redstone builds active, while not in use, is not allowed
  • Large redstone builds created only to cause server lag are not allowed.
  • Noise machines are not allowed.
  • Automatic farms are not allowed.
  • Hopper tubes are not allowed (more than 4 hoppers connected).
  • No more than 20 hoppers in a radius of 2Ă—2 chunks.
  • No flying machines.
  • No TNT cannons.
  • No darkrooms with water flushing the mobs off of the spawning platform. Only darkrooms with trapdoors to allow mobs to fall into water, or using reduced number of pistons with slime blocks are allowed.
  • No 0 tick farms.

Survival World Rules

  • Walls around spawn are not allowed.
  • Redstone Rules also apply here.
  • An unreasonable number of animals in one place will be removed.
  • Trading items/money between survival and factions is discouraged. Staff will NOT help you if you get scammed.
  • Griefing and killing players is allowed.
  • Rolling back builds/items will only happen when caused by a player using unfair advantages.

Auction and Trading Rules

  • Buying items at an unfairly low price from players is not allowed.
  • Retracting bids are not allowed unless the seller reserves the right to cancel.
  • Changing an auction once a bid has been placed is not allowed; you have to cancel it and start over again.
  • False bidding to only boost the price of an auction is not allowed.

Forums Rules

  • Follow all the server rules, especially the behavior rules.
  • Follow the guidelines laid out here. They’re short, but to sum them up:
  • Swearing is allowed but don’t overdo it to the point where it’s excessive or unnecessary.
  • Do not spam unnecessary posts. Try to make a single post instead of multiple posts.
  • Every category has its own purpose, try your best to use them correctly.
  • NSFW content is not allowed! Keep things family friendly.
  • Avoid political discussions and flame wars.
  • Use common sense.
  • You are allowed to post a Discord server invite to your faction, only in the first post of your faction discussion/recruitment topic. You may not post it anywhere else. By posting it, you are agreeing that your server does not advertise any other Minecraft server and conforms with the Mythic rules e.g. no discussing anything that would violate the rules. Do not abuse this privilege.

Rules are subject to change at any time. Trying to abuse loopholes/figure out ways around the server rules will also get you in trouble.