Discord ticket: vopvjruigh - Afk machine - Zorioux

02/01/2021 - vopvjruigh#6819 (695610698423730256) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: Afk machine Zorioux
Channel ID: 794695798604169296

[04:08] vopvjruigh: I make AFK fishing machine and banded.ill destroy it and never gonna use that again
[18:11] Zorioux: @ vopvjruigh Hello vopvjruigh
I have seen you built afk fishing machine which is obviously stated in the rules that it is not allowed at all
you have been on the server since more than 5 months, and that should be good amount of time to be able to understand the rules

tell me, why did you decided to build an afk fish machine? why did you break the rules?

3 January 2021

[09:03] vopvjruigh: Because i was making allox’s trident and i was need mending enchant book
[09:04] vopvjruigh: Thats to highprice to me
[09:04] vopvjruigh: So i make that
[09:04] vopvjruigh: And i didnt know afk fishing machine was not allowd
[17:51] Zorioux: The main reason afk machines are not allowed are to prevent advantage over players, if afk machines are allowed, everyone will just be afk to get easy stuff

If you didn’t know the rules then lets go over them again

Please read every single rule very well and ask me questions about them if you didn’t understand any(edited at 17:51)

4 January 2021

[04:00] vopvjruigh: I read all and i hope i can unbaned soon.thanks:D
[04:03] Zorioux: Did you catch any mending book [email protected] vopvjruigh
[04:04] vopvjruigh: Aaa no
[04:04] Zorioux: You built it 9 days ago
[04:04] Zorioux: Are you telling the truth?
[04:04] vopvjruigh: Yes im sure
[04:05] vopvjruigh: You can see my items if you want
[04:05] vopvjruigh: Ask allox when you cant believe me
[04:06] vopvjruigh: Hello?
[04:07] Zorioux: I will proceed your ban tomorrow i got exams and project to finish then will tell you where this will go
[04:08] vopvjruigh: So,i can unbanded tomorow?
[04:10] Zorioux: Yes
[04:14] vopvjruigh: Thanks TT
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