Astelon_ - destroying the land next to a faction to make members not want to take care of it - Hunyo16

In-game name: Hunyo16
Discord ID: dqxn#0001
Ban Reason: Destroying the land next to a faction to make members not want to take care of it
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading:
I believe the current reason that you’re banning me for is not right or not included in the rules given in the Server and Forums Rules
I misunderstood the word “appeal”, my apologies for sending it there . The defending part for Und3rline/K4nt_Hui13 and the second demand were because I wanted to defend for my friends and it is now irrelevant to this appeal so I’ve edited it.

I disagree with my ban’s reason

For my case: “Destroying the land next to a faction to make members not want to take care of it”

  • According to Rule 2, General In-Game Rules:
    “Building in the wilderness is not allowed. Always claim before building. Mining/looting in Wilderness, however, is allowed.”
    My action, did not violate any parts of the rule as it is only for “minorly” destroying the land which was wilderness at the same time as I placed down the first TNT.

  • And if you charged me with Rule 3, Behavior Rules if my first disagreement was admitted:
    “Stealing from or griefing other players is not allowed.”
    It would also be wrong because the place was and is wilderness. You can only charge me with this only if both King and I were in either AfterTime or BeforeTime.

  • Then if you accuse me with this reason:
    despite the irritating and ugliness of the terrain that has always been griefed around the spawn area which no one has ever reported on or getting banned for griefing the area then my ban is unreasonable according to the situation.
    I once messaged 32294 to check the logs of the griefs at the wilderness around our base, he(the griefer) was our member and still hasn’t got banned because of that.

  • The current ban on me would only work if Rule 2, General In-Game Rules was given a clearer description which could have been added:
    even you admitted it then banning me instead of warning which could have been a thing to give rules a fix

  • And if you accused me with this
    after my disagreement was either conceded or refused and added up with another thing for my ban then it would be still unreasonable for because of my action was absolute and did not involve with the intention of going around the loopholes.
    “To make sure it won’t get used anymore”

    This line which you have probably accepted as the truth and decided to ban me because of that particular reason then the truth I told you is something to prove that this disagreement is absolute and did not involve with the last notice of Server and Forums Rules.

I have always followed the rules, I have always acted decent towards other players, spent all my time instead of studying just to take part in this community even after getting harassed over some ancient debris. And now you say:

It is just so unfair to me and favoured to some parties

  • I am also not violating Rule 6, Rules of ban appeals, I am cooperating with you to get me unbanned out of the current reason and the reason that you have banned me for is wrong according to my disagreements above, therefore, I have the rights to tell whether it is wrong or not.

While I do agree that the rules could be expanded upon, here’s a thought exercise. We don’t allow griefing in factions. Stealing people’s stuff, breaking people’s stuff, killing their pets, stuff like that. We also have chat rules to keep things friendly, at least in a reasonable manner. I’m sure you agree that leaving profanities towards other players in signs or in other “physical” way (in the context of the game) is also not allowed. Like using blocks to write stuff, or to build obscene things. By extension, do you think we would allow people to do something like blowing up the land near a faction just to cause grief to another person?

This is a category of rules that disappeared from the written rules a while ago for unknown reasons and in unknown circumstances, at least to me. Falls under claim griefing, more or less, it’s not really that common on the server, luckily, but it’s just as bad as regular forms of griefing. The main part of it is intent. You claim around a faction with the intention to block them from claiming, or you claim some chunks and put some insulting signs in them for the other faction. Or, in your case, you basically blow up what used to be part of that faction. You are correct that looting is allowed, but in this case you went one step past that. After you were done looting, you went and blew up the land, for it to not be used again, according to yourself. Furthermore, you also mentioned that it basically counts as the same faction, given that it used to be a subfaction of AfterTime.

Looking back to it, I can see why it’s hard to add it in the rules. It’s not a simple statement to base everything on, it requires case by case judgement. In this one, there’s clear intent to cause harm to someone else. There’s also the uselessness of the action. There was no point to blow up 5 blocks deep plots to look for chests. Amusingly, there’s also a chance you griefed a plot that was halfway in AfterTime, halfway in BeforeTime, which could have been reported, though as I said above, it’s a case by case judgement on whether any punishment would be done or not.

Now to address some of the things you mentioned in the appeal.

I would argue you can’t compare the first chunks a player finds after joining the server with a faction situated almost near the edge of the world. The spawn area has and will always be a pretty wild place, as it was in TE, and the only fix to it would be for us staff to manage it, but this would only end up pushing further away the area where everyone claims and does whatever they want. Fun thing, even Vamguard currently holds such land that you (and other people) consider irritating and ugly.

32 told me it was a tiny area compared to what was blown up next to AfterTime. I would argue it is not the same thing and should not warrant the same action taken.

Who says I can’t ban as a warning?

How exactly is it unfair towards you and favoured to other people?

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Within your proclaim on it, there’s no point of proceeding to argue around this and I’ve known of what must not be done and I guarantee that I will always be consciously aware regarding the forbidden of griefing a land next to a faction.

But I want to talk about AfterTime, when you sent that message, it spoke as something similar to prove that King has always had somehow the control of AfterTime until now as things are brought up to everyone who is willing to read this for their entertainment needs and within these appeals, making AfterTime active again because of their awareness.
But if he had the control of AfterTime, wouldn’t it just violate the rules already?
I know its inheritance
If I remember correctly (I do not have the evidences or they are lost or just predictions):
Steven was the figurehead of the faction, after him was King who had all the control(?)
Also, King was in Sahara(?), and might have joined AfterTime (multiple times?) to get more members to it but the faction itself did not say in its description as “Subfaction of Sahara”

But for this time, you let him in the faction.
He’s part of Dragy, Sahara as their sub-faction and now AfterTime
Won’t that technically violate the rules despite the inheritance thing

I’ve realized and will refuse to answer, as it might bring conflicts to some parties. I don’t want to show my hatred and unfriendliness to those parties by going further

So, I’ll take it that you now understand why I banned you.

I am not aware of king doing anything in AfterTime, or having any special permission there as was the case for yarked. I can check if you want.

I figured it’s most fitting to give the faction back to the person you tried to keep away from it. I am also certain AfterTime will have no say in what happens in Sahara and Dragy, as I am certain Sahara and Dragy will not do anything in AfterTime.

I asked how, not who do you hate. I actually want this cleared out, so do detail.

And one more thing I want you to do. Tell me what happened back then, when you were looting BeforeTime. How did you end up deciding to blow it up. Why did you think it was fine to do something that would make king not want to return to a faction you and your faction had nothing to do with. Tell me everything you remember that happened then.

I refuse, the point here is that I find my mistake and not to make it again.
That’s the point where I have myself unbanned
You’re playing your game again, asking more questions just to gather more information
If you can read the logs then read it, you’re a dev. One mistake in my words is just something for you to punish

Are you aware how this sounds like? You refusing to respond because it might be something bannable. Do you really think this is the way to go?

You’re right that this is a game. But see, the fun thing is, it’s not my game. It is yours. And yarked’s. And whoever else’s who decides to make up stories to hide what happened. I am merely a player, and you are the game masters. My goal is to find what actually happened, to find if you’re telling the truth, by using the logs and what you tell me.

Now, of course, I do end up deciding if you are to be unbanned or not, but ultimately, it is up to you. Do you continue this game with truth, with lies, or do you stop the game and force me to make a decision knowing that you would do anything to hide what really happened? I think it’s in your best interest to cooperate, because I do appreciate when people cooperate.

The problem is that I don’t remember, how can you ask someone things that happened months ago which the information could be wrong in some ways because they don’t remember.

You already know

Because there were no specific rules about it

You can just say what you remember.

Wouldn’t hurt if you said it again. And to be clear, I’m asking how did the idea came to your mind, what was your motivation back then. You know, the thought process that led to you deciding it’d be better to “finish off” BeforeTime instead of just looting it.

Did you at any point feel it might be wrong to do it?
Edit to be clear: I’m asking because I personally found it pretty appaling the time you told me about it. Though back then I was sure it was yarked who asked you to do it, but it seems I was wrong.

I don’t remember how it happened

I did not, because there were no specific rules forbidding anything about it, and that was what I thought at that moment

So you don’t remember anything from back then? Hmm.

Well, I still have one more thing to ask, which is this one:

It is the same to

I do not remember

Hmm. I see. Well, I don’t think I have any more questions right now. I’ll see if I remember any more by the time I’m done with yarked’s appeal.

Well, this was sorted out in pms in discord. You’re unbanned now. Try stay away from yarked’s not so decent plans.