I got ban for asking password

HotLava03 - Asking people password - arshgamer

In-game name: arshgamer
Discord ID: SussYCaT420#4402
Ban Reason: Asking people pasword
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I asked a person his pass
Apology: I apologize for asking people pass. I didnt wanted to do that but i did i dont know why and again i apologize.

Hello arshgamer,

It sure took you a while to appeal, but I’ve seen you evaded as FL4MEXYT. Thanks for admitting to that on your second appeal topic…

Anyway, finding logs about this sure took me a while, for how long it’s been, but here they are…

[arshgamer -> vago] tell me your mythicmc pass not account pass
[vago -> arshgamer] why to do that>
[arshgamer -> vago] my gave me task and i will not do anything bec i dont have your account pass
[vago -> arshgamer] to do what?
[arshgamer -> vago] to get your pass
[vago -> arshgamer] do you have discord?
[arshgamer -> vago] yes
[arshgamer -> vago] i need you mythic mc pass not you account pass
[vago -> arshgamer] in order to do what?
[arshgamer -> vago] some are giving but their account pass
[vago -> arshgamer] can i ask who gave?
[arshgamer -> vago] i need your mythic mc pass

Obviously the conversation is much longer but I won’t just send an entire PM conversation for privacy reasons. Those are the most relevant messages for this appeal.

What were your intentions when asking for vago’s password?
Nobody in the server knows players’ passwords, even staff members, and we will never ask for player passwords, as mentioned pretty much anywhere in the server that is official.

Any attempts to ask for player passwords is punished.

And then, you actually evade. That only worsens your ban state.
I suggest you read the rules:

And I also suggest you read the appeal rules:

Tell me, from both sources, which rules you broke. After you answer that, we’ll proceed with your appeal.

I didnt understand what you mean by “both sources” but i broke the rule of asking password.

You’re missing a rule in the appeal rules, read them. Both sources means both the server rules and the appeal rules

i think i didnt stick on one appeal ?

Not only, you did something more severe, and I hinted it in the beginning of my first message.

having 2 account?

lying on my first appeal?

I’ll accept that answer.

What you did was ban evade, which is create a new account after being banned. That’s attempting to bypass a ban and we do end up finding out at some point. The more you try the easier it is for us to find out.

I won’t even ask what you lied about in the other appeal, I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.

What were your intentions on getting vago’s password? This time, without any lies.

I had an client opened in which i can put minecraft players name and i would log in to their account(i cant login in an afficial minecraft account)so i thought i could simply get his minecraft account name and log into it and transfer money and make more money. but their was a problem i can log into their account but i had to know about vagos mythicmc pass so i asked him. I am sorry about that

Do you realize how severe that is?
Imagine the piece of work it’d be if you actually gained access to user accounts. I wouldn’t even consider the appeal and instantly deny it for how troublesome it’d be to revert.

Why should I consider unbanning you anyway?

i will never use that i already deleted if you can check i am ok with it

and i told the truth ? you can give me one more chance

Any further appeal that concerns anything close to this topic will not be considered. I will keep FL4MEXYT banned and will not allow access to anything you can’t access right now from that account as punishment. It is best you give this opportunity good use.