I Forgot - Using Auto Clicker - Sweet_Chocolate

In-game name: Sweet_Chocolate
Discord ID: Dark_Chocolate#0001
Ban Reason: Auto Clicker
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I Want To Stay In The Fun Server
Apology: Im Sorry For Using Auto Clicker I Forgot To Close It After Playing Roblox And Miss Click The Active Key.

Mod Name : Electirckery

First of all, it’s good that you listened to me and directly made a ban appeal. I hope you have read all the rules carefully and thoroughly while you were banned enjoying your time in real life. I would like to clarify and remind some points before we move on with this ban appeal.

  1. You’re not innocent, because even if you forgot to shut down your autoclicker, or misclicked some kind of magic “Active” key, it was your responsibility to read the rules carefully before joining this server. If you have read the rules carefully, you would’ve seen this category in rules:

Server and Forums Rules
In summary, this category is telling you that “All kinds of hacks and modifications which lets you get unfair advantage over other players is strictly forbidden.”

Having said that, it’s very clear that you’re Guilty for not reading the rules and should’ve pleaded like that. In addition to that, I cannot know if you really forgot or you’re lying about this right now. Nonetheless, this does not get your ban appeal situation any better, and more importantly I don’t care whichever is true for this case at all.

  1. I hope you realize it’ll be way harder for you to get unbanned(maybe won’t be unbanned at all, can’t guarantee) if you are found to be using hacks and/or illegal modifications again as well as breaking any kind of other rule again.

    I’m not a guy who likes to waste my and others’ time with these stuff, here is not a kindergarten and I’m not your teacher. That’s why, since your appeal is pretty much in correct format, I’ll choose to unban you right away. You may join back the server. I hope you read all of this in addition to all rules before joining back to the server.