Upcoming Drop Party

Hello mythic players and staff! I am here to announce that it is less than 2 weeks away from the Christmas Drop Party!

Who: abby226 and Phantom_MC
What: A Christmas Drop Party!
When: December 24th, 2023 11am EDT
Where: Warp will be announced a week prior. The post will be updated.
Why: To have fun of course!

This Drop Party is not your traditional Drop Party where you run in a circle and collect items. This version is going to be a bit more humorous! This Drop Party will be boats on ice! Boats will be provided!

UPDATE: there will be music that is timed to the drop party, the music channel will be in mythic’s discord.

We aren’t begging for donations but if you would like to donate you may. The donation hopper is available at /warp mrcshop. Should check that place out, it is cool!

Donators: (much love to all <3)

32294 - 5 Shulker Boxes of Gunpowder + $5 Donation
Phantom_MC - Various Building Blocks, Mending, Ancient Debris, and Netherite.
CandiGirl - Creeper Head and Fireworks
JackyWack - Crap Load of E-Books
Alph - Single Enchant Mending and a Heart of the Sea

Of course, like everything in life, there are guidelines and rules to follow.

  1. Mythic Rules Apply (should read them over anyway, good to catch up!) RULES
  2. Participants must stay in boats at all times.
  3. No cosmetics.
  4. No temp-fly.
  5. Don’t shoot other boats with arrows.
  6. We do have afk safe areas, if you have to leave utilize the afk area or use /spawn.
  7. Have fun!

We hope to see you on the ice on December 24th! - abby226 and Phantom_MC


I probably won’t make it to the party but I donated a shulker box of rockets and a creeper head :3

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Thanks for donating! Picked up at mrcshop!

a little spoiler…

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12/17 Update:

We are less than a week away!

The warp for the drop party will be /warp 32x.

Bonus: we will have music in Discord that’ll go along with the drop party. We ask that if you can listen, please do. For the best experience, we ask you to be in the channel 20 mins before the start. =D

For those who still wish to donate you may either at /warp 32x or /warp mrcshop, those who donate get their name on the wall at the DP!

Hope to see you on the ice next Sunday!

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