_Althia_ - let's have a chat in ban appeal - Copito365NT

How i can unbanned pls?

Fill the format

And im unbanned?

We’ll see how well you answer the questions

In-game name: Copito365NT
Discord ID: I don’t have Discord
Reason for the ban: Worst ban evader ever (The second ban)
Statement: Guilty
Excuse me: I’m sorry, I never will

Now read the rules and tell me which ones you have broken

None, I think

are you sure about that? what about having 1 account per player?

Yes, 1 account per player

and how many accounts do you have?

2 Accounts

are you sure about that? So which accounts are yours?




Evidence for Windows365NT

Evidence for Copito365

For the other accounts which are Windows365 and Copito, well, firstly the IPs match, secondly the names are all similar. Do you still want to deny?

I don’t understand???

I gave you there a list of accounts, and I asked among all these accounts which ones are yours

It’s that I’ve tried to change the name of the game

the name of the game? what do you mean?

also, you tried and managed to evade your ban in multiple accounts, do you accept this accusation?

Yes, I accept the accusation

Sorry, I was wrong, it was changing username