Discord ticket: MA_ninja2908 - AFK fishing farm -KomaProd95 - Tqti_

05/03/2021 - Its_David#0203 (696810753684144158) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: sorry
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[00:52] MA_ninja2908: hi im MA_ninja2908
[00:52] MA_ninja2908: excuse us but we don’t speak English very well we’re only 12 years old sorry, but we’ve never done any trouble excuse us you could give us a second schans I beg you
[00:59] MA_ninja2908: Sorry again from now we will read all the server rules we promise not to make any more farms
[01:10] MA_ninja2908: Sorry again
[01:28] Tqti_: Hello “MA_ninja2908”, or “people” that I don’t know the names yet.
Could you tell me who are you exactly and for who are you truly doing this ban appeal?
[01:40] MA_ninja2908: For me it is maybe also the other members of the faction, we have also just read the rules
[01:42] Tqti_: First of all, are you MA_ninja2908 or someone else? Secondly everyone should ban appeal separately.
[01:43] MA_ninja2908: Yes im MA_ninja2908 but im appealing for everyone because I am the one who knows English best(edited at 01:45)
[02:30] Tqti_: Hmm… in game you told me you don’t speak very good English but now you say the opposite… how about we start saying the truth and not fooling around?
[12:12] MA_ninja2908: I am now talking to a translator but I meant that my friends don’t do that either
[12:13] MA_ninja2908:

[12:24] MA_ninja2908: Please excuse us now we have read all the server rules and understood them too
[12:42] Tqti_: You will be ban appealing for yourself only. Tell your friends to also make a ticket so they can ban appeal too. Moving on, please fill this:

In-game name:
Ban Reason:
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading:

Also, write down which rule you broke according to the rules.

[12:45] MA_ninja2908: Ok thx
[12:52] MA_ninja2908: 1)MA_ninja2908
2)I was banned for using 2 afk fishing farms
4)I apologize for the use of the afk fishing farm which is not allowed. Now that I have read all the server rules and also understand them I will be more careful and responsible
[13:02] MA_ninja2908: Can I be forgiven for the last time?
[15:54] MA_ninja2908: Pls
[16:15] Tqti_: Which rule did you break?
[16:17] MA_ninja2908: I build afk farming fish
[16:21] MA_ninja2908: Which I shouldn’t have done
[16:31] Tqti_: You, MA_ninja2908, didn’t build the 2 AFK fishing farms
[16:40] MA_ninja2908:

[16:40] MA_ninja2908: Yes I build
[16:40] MA_ninja2908: Because I use a afk fishing
[16:41] Tqti_: Did you build or use the fishing farms?(edited at 16:42)
[16:41] MA_ninja2908: I used
[16:42] MA_ninja2908: My friend has build afk farming
[16:42] MA_ninja2908: Sorry I’m confusing (now I’m in video class Dad)
[16:50] MA_ninja2908: Sorry
[20:38] MA_ninja2908: Pls sorry
[20:50] MA_ninja2908: One more schans
[20:55] MA_ninja2908: Pls

6 March 2021

[00:05] MA_ninja2908: okay this time i’m serious and concise i apologize if i have been inaccurate in previous messages. let’s start from the beginning(edited at 00:05)
[00:06] MA_ninja2908: My friends built an afk fishing farm and I used it a lot
[01:05] KomaProd95: We seriously got confused from your answers. But to end this situation, how long have you been using the AFK fishing farms?
[01:10] MA_ninja2908: Sorry if I’m confusing you so much but it’s because I really like playing in the mythic
[01:10] MA_ninja2908: In any case for less than a month
[16:49] MA_ninja2908: U can give my one more schans pliz
[17:29] MA_ninja2908: i’m only 12 years old understand me plis(edited at 17:29)
[18:07] MA_ninja2908: now I know what the rules are and I respect them all I swear, please forgive me pls
[18:21] MA_ninja2908: pls
[18:22] MA_ninja2908: i don’t have any other server to play on please
[19:02] MA_ninja2908: pls
[19:45] MA_ninja2908: i can have one more schans pls?
[20:05] MA_ninja2908: please always play on this server
[20:06] MA_ninja2908: can you at least answer me?
[20:07] ibu2awesome: they are not free rn, wait a while
[20:08] MA_ninja2908: ok
[21:13] MA_ninja2908: when you have time write to me because i’m alone and i’d like to play please

7 March 2021

[02:14] MA_ninja2908: do you have some time for me?
[02:35] Althia: they will answer you when they are free
[02:35] Althia: please be patient
[13:39] MA_ninja2908: Ok sorry
[19:46] MA_ninja2908: Ei
[20:41] MA_ninja2908: please i learned my lesson you can sban me?(edited at 20:42)
[21:10] HotLava03: .
[21:10] HotLava03: if you aren’t patient it may delay your appeal even more, wait for their reply first
[21:15] MA_ninja2908: Ok but I’m alone and I’m bored
[21:30] Tqti_: @ MA_ninja2908 You have been EXTREMELY impatient about your ban appeal, we were considering banning you for 4 days more but your behavior changed our opinion. We will remove every item connected to fishing and give you a 7 days temp ban. May I close this ticket?
[21:57] MA_ninja2908: Thank you so much thank you
[22:15] MA_ninja2908: But do I still have my belongings and money?
[22:21] Tqti_: I have a feeling you aren’t getting seriously what we are telling you or not even bothering to properly read our messages.
[22:23] MA_ninja2908: I’m translating everything you are writing to me sorry

8 March 2021

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