32294-use hack client-anhnong2011

In-game name: anhnong2011
Discord ID: #1141
Ban Reason: using hacks/cheat client
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: Want to go back to the server
Apology: Im so sorry because i was using hack/cheat client on the server.The reason is when i log off the server while in a parkour map, then forget the server. When i log back in, i managed to get on the server lobby when still get the parkour item then i gave it to morvin. Then i log off again. When i logged in, i was stucked on the parkour map so i use hacks to get out. Now i uninstalled my hacks and wanted to get unban.

I confirmed with Morvin about the item. I appreciate the honesty in admitting you used hacks. Rather than using hacks to get out of the area you should have asked staff to remove you from it instead if you were stuck instead of hacking your way out. Hacking in any form is not okay.

Since it’s been awhile i’d like you to re-read the rules and tell me if there is any other rules you may have broken.

You can read them here:

Hi @32294
Actually, i actually asking for help but no one care so i used hacks to get out.
Ps: im actually anhnong2011 but my pc reset (somehow) and i completely forgor my discord account pw so i need to borrow this guy account

You can reset your discord account password using your email if you still have the password to it.

Ignoring that, I doubt none one cared. If you asked me, I would have removed you. Staff may have been busy at the time, but that doesn’t mean that no one cares and doesn’t justify the use of hacks.

Also your story is starting to fall apart a bit here… You say you were stuck, well if you were, you probably weren’t still in the level, so flying out may work, but if your actually still in the level according to the plugin you could have just reset using one of the items the plugin adds to your inventory. These items are very obvious so I have no idea how you could miss them. You had a recorded time on the level that was faster than humanly possible, so clearly you had to be in the level still according to the plugin or went back after you unstuck-ed yourself from not being in the level still because why not set a time and have this convenient excuse if staff finds out. If you were actually stuck in the level and you actually asked then you clearly didn’t wait at all because your completion time of the level was still faster than anyone else, or faster than humanly possible. Literally all you had to do was wait 1-2 minutes and you wouldn’t have gotten a faster time than everyone.

You clearly either didn’t wait after asking for help or you intentionally cheated, I’m leaning toward intentional cheating at this point. Either way now you shouldn’t have done it and I find it hard to believe anything you’ve said or will say now. So let’s try this again, what happen?

Also, it’s funny that you conveniently ignored me my request for you to reread the rules and tell me which ones you broke… I wonder which other ones you broke now if your avoiding it.

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okay,i just reread the rule and i know i broken the rule:

  • Mods that give unfair advantages are not allowed. (This includes aimbots, kill aura, auto clickers, mods that allow you to auto attack/auto fish/auto equip armor/auto eat/auto mine, etc.)

Also, when i asking for helps, i waited for a pretty long time (30-45m) and ppl only says
that if u want help then do “/ch h” it worked but when i asking for helps again, no 1 respond.

so yea

I looked at help chat before in the last post, which everything you sent in help chat was actually just spam and by no means anything related to parkour at all. I was informed that you messaged another staff privately about it who was busy at the time, so you did end up asking for help. You should have waited for one to be free, nothing justifies hacks. You should have told me previously that you asked for help privately instead of in /ch h, which makes it very confusing.

But there is still the following log
Parkour » anhnong2011 finished frost with 2 deaths, in 00:01:42:795!

So let’s say that you flew out the first time when you got stuck after asking for help. The only way you’d end up with the items is if the plugin no longer detected you as playing the level, which would not produce a completion log of the level, like shown above.

This means you still had to join the level again after and purposefully get an impossible time. Hacking to get out in the first place instead of waiting was a bad decision, but doing this is also a bad decision. At least admit that you purposefully created an impossible time.

Also, that’s not the only rule you’ve broken. You’ve broke the no spamming rule as well by sending random chars multiple times. You also had a 2nd account according to Morvin which is another rule broken.

Also, according to Morvin when they confronted you about it in PMs you didn’t respond/kind of shrugged them off. Your going to need to explain this as well.

If you had just continued the appeal when I told you to after you messaged me, then you would have had a chance at being unbanned. Not only have you evaded recently, but the behavior you displayed while evading is completely unacceptable. Take your discriminatory ass elsewhere.

~ Appeal denied ~