Couple Updates

Hey, hope everyone is well. I have a couple of cool announcements to get out.

Watershop is Under New Management:

WaterShop was previously owned by WItherStorm. Since they had met the 30-day mark for faction time-out, I went to buy a couple of items and saw that it had been looted by someone and that it was unclaimed. I was destined to save the shop since it was one of my favs to shop at. With the help of @Phantom_MC and @CandiGirl we have taken over control. We are very close to the WaterShop grand re-opening. We apologize if not everything is fully in stock at this time, while we set up new items. Also, WaterShop has a single-spawner skeleton farm, there is a sign pointing to it on the first floor! We have also added a 4th floor, the 4th floor is accessible by using the stairs on the 3rd floor in the corners.

Christmas Event Update

My Christmas DP which I am hosting alongside @Phantom_MC is getting a re-theme, instead of it being a traditional circle that you run around in, this DP will be a game of bumper boats (on ice). Players will board a boat and attempt to claim items by driving the boat on ice. Standing up is disqualification from the DP and you will be asked to leave. Mythic Rules Apply

On top of mythic rules which can be read here, most DP’s have specific rules to ensure fairness and everyone has a good time.

  1. Players must be in a boat at all times, there will be an AFK safe zone where you can leave the boat.
  2. No fly or cosmetics (besides server staff and/or DP Staff/Hosts)
  3. We ask that you don’t throw stuff on the ground. If you don’t want an item use /trash or give it to another player.
  4. No destroying other’s boats.

More DP info will come soon.

Much love,


Remember to add a rule about not breaking ppl’s boat because its gonna be really tempted to troll someone using bow and arrow

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Added, thanks for the suggestion.