**READ BEFORE POSTING** How to appeal your ban

Welcome to the ban appeals category. If you are banned and wish to get unbanned for an offense you did or what you think is a false ban, create a new topic with the following format.

Topic title must be in the following format:
Name of the staff who banned you – Ban reason – Your in-game name

The format of the topic:

In-game name: 
Discord ID: 
Ban Reason: 
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading: 

Rules of ban appeals:

  1. Do NOT lie in your ban appeal. Any lie can get your appeal denied or increase the punishment.

  2. Temporary bans cannot be appealed unless you think they were a mistake.

  3. Only bump your ban appeal once every 24h.

  4. Do NOT make any other ban appeals (stick with the one you made), you only have one chance for your ban. If your appeal gets denied, do NOT make any further appeals, they will not be accepted.

  5. Only the staff who banned you is responsible for your ban appeal, do NOT bother other staff.

  6. Co-operation with us is a key to get yourself unbanned, we are NOT against you, rather this place is to help you find what you did wrong and how to avoid further mistakes.

  7. Patience is another ingredient in this process, do NOT bother us with your ban appeal, do NOT message us, and do NOT make any other accounts in-game while you are banned (ban evading).

  8. Do NOT post in ban appeals if you are not involved, ask for permission. Breaking this rule can get your forum account temporarily banned or suspended.

  9. Do NOT try to put us against each other, this will just get your appeal instantly closed.

Closing, a final tip: admitting your mistakes, being polite, and having a friendly conversation will help you get unbanned faster than you think.