Why is my ip blocked? - Ti3n

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In-game name: Ti3n
Discord ID: Ti3n#0984
Ban Reason: “Proxies are not allowed on our server”.
Plead: Yes. I use laptop and onl server at my house and my friend’s house ,
I don’t share accounts or do anything illegal.
Reason for pleading: I love this server so much I want to keep playing
I’m sorry for being active in 2 different places at the same time, but like I said, I don’t share accounts or do anything illegal. Thank you!

This isn’t a ban appeal, rather an issue joining the server. Try to restart your router, you seem to be a false positive for the anti VPN/Proxy. If doing that and waiting a few hours doesn’t work, reply to this thread.
Edit: Moved topic to correct location

sorry and thank you so much !

Since you logged in, I assume this is resolved. Closed.