THY fink i xrey

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Your topic’s title must be:
name of the staff who banned you - hacked - 32294
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In-game name:
Discord ID: das hmadosdas#7734
Ban Reason: hack
Plead: She thought I was using xrey
Reason for pleading:i got ban
Apology: for killing everone

Hi hamros,

Xray was not the only reason you were banned. Anothor staff was following you before me but they had to go afk, they thought you were using a autoclicker. Ontop of that I heard from a player that you almost killed a full netherite person with a stone sword and that your pvp was weird to say the least. Then I started spectating you afterwards, and you were looking downwards the entire time you were walking, stopping a couple times to look straight down. Then I saw you did straight down to a chest that you never touched before. Then I jailed you and you claimed looking down slightly makes it easier to jump over blocks while your walking, but this makes no sense.

She thought I was using xrey

I don’t just think you were, i have proof you were.

THY fink i xrey

On top of that you didn’t use the correct topic name format as shown in the how to appeal topic, instead you put it in the topic instead… Did you even read the line above it clearly stating that Your topic's title must be: You managed to spell everything right but this, and your inability to spell xray almost feels like your taking your ban reason as a joke.

Your going to need to start by reading the rules, then when your done come back and tell me all the rules you have broken.