Adv -Tw1_- I don't know the motive

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In-game name: DanteHindustani
Discord ID: Ridham_Minecraft123#9396
Ban Reason: I don’t know the motive
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading:I got ban
Apology:For doing nothing

Hello DanteHindustani,

You were banned for advertising other minecraft servers in the chat, And we have a strict rule about advertising other servers, Talking about them in general is not a problem but i caught you sending a link and asking others to check it out, in #ingame-chat channel in discord.

You were also reported for nagging other members about your ban and sending them random discord server invites, aside from the fact that you have texted other staff members about your ban. Could you please explain your behaviour ?

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I found that your actually evading XSkull, which means you have to go appeal the orginal ban. Please create another topic appealing that ban instead of continuing to evade your ban multiple times.

We’re going to catch every time you evade and every time you do, your just making the chances of an appeal for your original ban being accepted worse.