Account is banned

Delete these 6 lines after reading them:
Read this topic before posting:

Your topic’s title must be:
name of the staff who banned you -Astelon_ ban reason -Account sharing ingame name-NOT_GOD
The format to follow has been provided below.

In-game name:NOT_GOD
Discord ID: NO ID
Ban Reason: Acccount sharing
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading:account sharing
Apology:I gave my account to my friend because i was unable to play 1 month and their was a rule that if u offline till 1 month you get automatically kicked from faction and i was my faction’s officer . So sorry for that please give me one more chance to play i apologize :pray:

Surprised to see this appeal attempt, considering you refused to make an appeal before and also evaded. So let’s see how good you are at actually listening to what you have to do now. Read the topic which you linked, and remake the appeal following what it says. Don’t make a new post, just edit this one.

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Nevermind, looks like you went ahead and evaded again. Appeal denied.