Ibu2awesome - autoclick - Ti3n

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In-game name: Ti3n
Discord ID: Ti3n#9084
Ban Reason: autoclicker - ibu2awesome
Plead: Guilty or Innocent : it’s my fault
Reason for pleading: I want to be back on the server, I will change , thanks admin.
I apologize for using autoclicker , this is my first and last time using it , I will play the game fairly , thanks admin .

Just as a notice, you were caught evading as Tien204. Evading only worsens your appeal state, so I highly recommend you don’t do it again. Now wait for ibu to reply to your appeal.

Thanks for the reminder, and sorry

how long will ibu2awesome reply to my posts? thank you admin

Be patient, staff have lives too. You may bump your post every 24 hours, but no more than that.

thank you , Admin

  • You were caught using an auto clicker to afk at an XP farm.
  • After that, you made an appeal without reading the rules, then evaded again.

Have you been using any cheats other than auto clicker? Have you read the rules at https://rules.mythicmc.org?

i don’t use any cheats, other than autoclick

sorry, I broke the rules, but after a few days I read the rules and realized my mistake
thanks for the reminder, ibu2awesome

Send a screenshot of your game folder (.minecraft). How much XP did you gain from using this cheat? I will look into your inventory and ebooks for the same.

Also, answer the following questions on the rules:

  • Is it allowed to build a redstone clock without a switch?
  • Is it allowed to use a world downloader mod?
  • Is it allowed to use VoxelMap? Are there any precautions I should take when using a minimap?
  • Can I place false bids on an auction to increase the price of the item?
  • Can I use a brightness mod to increase the brightness of the game?

Answer carefully, read the rules if you haven’t already.

i’m sorry there are no images in (.minecraft) , but i remember Ti3n account level is between 90-100lv
I afk to 120lv, and use it to enhance items

  • No , redstone clock must have an on/off switch
  • No , do not use a world downloader mod
  • don’t use the minimap, if anyone uses it, i think you should be kicked out for 1-2 weeks as a warning, and if it happens again, you have the right to be permanently expelled. That’s just my opinion
  • Do not bid wrongly in an auction to increase the price of the item !
  • Allowed to use brightness mod to increase game brightness.

Dear, thanks for responding to me.

thanks Ibu2awesome, can I get permission back to the server?

Sorry, I’ve been really busy for the past few days. I will look into your items tomorrow and clear them.

Minimaps are allowed, what is not allowed are minimap features that give unfair advantages such as entity tracking and cave mapping.

No problem,
Anyway thanks for taking care of me
Thank you, Ibu2awesome

Unbanned. I have removed your XP levels and disenchanted some of your tools.
Make sure you read the rules and don’t get banned again. Next time you will not be unbanned this easily, if at all.