BANNED For Being Offline So much

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In-game name: Sprody
Discord ID:Sprody
Ban Reason: staying offline to much
Plead: Guilty or Innocent i am acceptably sorry
Reason for pleading:so i can get unbanned
Apology: i apologise for staying offline too much, i was having a problem with my keaboard and i fixed it and it took 2 monthes to fix, i apologise for everyone in the server. the t and o button didnt work, i spammed too much.

Huh, your not banned… You probably just got assigned a bad ip, try restarting your router.

Also that ban reason makes no sense and would never be an actual ban.

whats a router :neutral_face:

It should have been long enough for your ip to change now anyways, which means you should be fine now.

But a router is a small box your isp gives you which you connect to for internet access, (alternatively if your using a cellular connection, put the phone in airplane mode and take it out of airplane mode).

Search router in Google images if your still confused.

Seeing how your now ingame, this is resolved.