Welcome to the ban appeals category. If you are banned and wish to get unbanned for an offense you did or what you think is a false ban, create a new topic with the following format. Topic title must be in the following format: Name of the staff who banne

Delete these 6 lines after reading them:
Read this topic before posting:

Your topic’s title must be:
name of the staff who banned you - afk fish farm -
32294-ban me- gamerz
The format to follow has been provided below.

In-game name: gamerz
Discord ID:
Ban Reason: afk fish farm
Plead: Guilty or Innocent innocent
Reason for pleading: i am a new player so i dont now about afk fish farm so plz unban my id
Apology:plz plz i am so sad

sorry because i am noob so i dont now about afk fish farm

I don’t know if your trying to say you didn’t know about the fact that you didn’t know they’re not allowed or that you deny knowing of they’re existence entirely. I’m going to assume the 2nd one since you’ve also plead innocent. This is what i found under your f home:

This is clearly an afk fish farm, which is agaisnt the rules, your going to have to do 2 things to get unbanned.

  1. Tell my how many items you got from this and what you did with them, which is the main reason your here.
  2. Re-read all the rules out point out here which one(s) you broke with this farm.

Also you being impatient and evading ingame only makes the situation worse, don’t do it again.

i got only 1 fish and i dont use it

Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy.

Anyways, It appears your not lying after I checked logs, and if you don’t use it why did you build it? Also, you still didn’t tell which rules you broke after re-reading the rules which you still also need to tell me.

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plz sir i dont do it again plzzzzzzz

i broke afk rules plz i forgot by mistake

You once again have been inpatient and evaded again, this wastes not only staffs time but yours aswell.

You did break the rules about afk farms.

I’m still wondering why you made an afk farm and only used it on one fish, please explain why you made it before I unban you.

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i make it because if i want to be afk so i use this and i get fish in afk farn

Yes that’s the reason people generally make an afk farm. To be clear afk farms are not allowed because they let you get items, that you can sell for money by doing nothing and that leads to unbalanced economy.

Now normally you would get unbanned with a temp ban since you were impatient and evaded on anothor account (which has been banned and will stay banned), however seeing your slow response time and the fact that you’ve been banned for over 20 days already, I think you’ve been here long enough.

I trust that you have fully read the rules now, and if you get banned again it will be much harder to get unbanned next time especially if it’s a ban because of afk farms again.

~ Unbanned ~