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name of the staff who banned you - ban reason - ingame name
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In-game name: discord
Discord ID: das hmadosdas#7734
Ban Reason: hack
Plead: i dident played 4 like 2 or 3 weeks and im sees tht i got ban meybe sumone hacked me but idk and i want to see whats going on plz chack it
Reason for pleading:

Hey there,

First of all, if you want to stand a chance, stop this sarcastic attitude of yours. Secondly, do you plead guilty or innocent? Please add a reason for pleading. Until then we will not be able to proceed your ban appeal and you will remain banned indefinitely.

Please keep in mind that every choice you make will have an outcome on the result of your ban appeal.


no i wana know on what i got ban first

You are banned for hack. We will proceed to your ban appeal after you’ve filled the format properly.

nonono i ment what kind of hack coz i know tht thre is alot and i need to know to be aneybol to get gelti

As I previously told you, until you fill the format properly, I won’t proceed this ban appeal. I don’t like repeating myself, so this is the last time. I will stop answering until you fill it. Honestly, you’re the one that’s banned, not me, I have all the time in the world. The choice is yours ;D

how im gona anban myself withawt knowing what kind of hack i got baned on its not repiting and if u dident understan yat u can look on my last ban aply

I think you need to read this again @Discord

welp ibu sid u r like an offiser u will have to show a prof to me tht i hacked do it so ill know what hack i “used”

Until you fill properly your format, you will remain banned, the more you annoy me, the worse it’ll get for you as well…

[quote=“Discord, post:1, topic:1187”]
Discord ID: das hmadosdas#7734
Ban Reason: hack
Plead: can i get un ban my teem trusts me at survivel tht ill help thm
Reason for pleading: i love ur server
Apology for hacking?

now on what i got ban

You’re still not saying whether you plead innocent or guilty. For your information, we value above all honesty. Once you tell me what you plead, we’ll be able to proceed.

Hey there Hamros,

As you probably guessed your ban appeal is obviously denied as you hacked in your previous accounts, and ban evaded them. You will not be able to play in the server. You may not appeal your ban anymore.


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