Banned because illegal client modifications

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In-game name: AkingKilLer
Discord ID: Aking#6330
Ban Reason: banned for illegal client modifications
Plead: sorry for this not repeat again
Reason for pleading:

You have one chance to explain to me why we should unban you when you have repeatedly violated the rules.

because im innocent i was collecting xp and i automaticlly ban without no reason , i didnt even do anything and i was new and learning that time , pls unban me

So why have you decided to appeal now after 8 months and 4 failed attempts at evading your ban?

because there was personal issues in my life and 4 fail because i came in server and i was asking what to do how to appleal , so now i understood pls :frowning:

AkingKilLer, your original account, was banned on October 18, 2021
eggplanting was banned on October 29, 2021
LorDAbhiOP was banned on January 10, 2022
Aking1234 was banned on June 23, 2022
waitAbit was banned today: June 25, 2022

and these are only the accounts that got banned. Between October 18 and today, you have continuously tried to enter the server despite the multiple ban messages that you have received within the last 8 months, which by the way LITERALLY tell you to appeal at

I don’t buy the argument that you were busy because you’ve clearly put more effort into trying to bypass your ban than you were trying to appeal it as we see right now. Even then, people told back when you were evading as eggplanting to appeal your ban


yet you never listened.

This all could have been avoided had you simply appealed your first ban instead of evading it. Ignornace is not an excuse. If you couldn’t follow the rules before, how can I trust you into following the rules now? The answer to that is that I can’t.

Your appeal has been denied.
Do not return to MythicMC again.