I got missunderstud ban

In-game name: officialPotato
Discord ID:stupidniarararKaido#0322
Ban Reason: Afk farming (i didnt even do it)
Plead: Guilty or Innocent ofc innocent
Reason for pleading:i made a machine that just when i catch a fish it put it on the chest and a note block sound comes
Apology:am aint apologizing u guys need to missunderstud ban me and apologise

Is that so? Let’s recap what you’ve been up to leading to this ban:

  • You spammed ingame and ended up getting banned because you got warned 3 times
  • You kept complaining that you were banned and demanded to speak with lava’s “manager”
  • You have a weird obsession with the n word
  • You have the n word in your discord about me and when asked to remove it by ibu, lava and me, you just say no
  • You were racist towards indians
  • And finally, you build an afk fishing machine after I tell you they’re not allowed

So, I ask you this, why do you think you deserve to be unbanned?

First i got ban in discord cuz i dont have an account its my brother account and i just talked about how Indians scam people who have cancer and take their life saving money and i didn’t make a afk fishing farm u wanna see proof i made a vid of what i buil on my tiktok ACC @thedarkuserwhosaygg and i made the fishing farm that help me cuz i have adhd so i made this fishing farm and its normal fishing farm not illegal and the ban is for afk fish farming so the ban not about anything else so ye

Fortunately TikTok is banned in India so that video is useless to me

They banned tiktok for that weird indian videos indians made on tiktok so the indian government got idea to ban tiktok but u can use vpn to download it

nothing personal - YouTube heres a yt shorts link then :skull:

Wrong answer. I’ll ask you one more time, why do you think you deserve to be unbanned?

Cuz i spend more time on the server i didn’t even go to my friends birthday parties and i much
spend it on the server i deserve unban blud i didn’t even go to my grandpa to see he die i spend on the server 11h/3h i deserve unban lil buddy

Wrong answer again. I’ll ask you one final time. Considering all you did, why do you think you deserve to be unbanned? You may want to think it through more than you did before.

Ye i deserve to be unbanned and i will not make a afk fishing farm and am sorry

Ok, we’re getting somewhere. Do note that the question was why do you think you deserve to be unbanned, not whether you deserve it.

Cuz am good guy but i have anger issues cmon blud i deserve to be unban cuz i been working for days on my warp+ base and am doing it even for free i deserve to be unbanned i made a fishing warp and its even for free am good guy thats why i should be unbanned

Given this, can you really say you are a good guy?

Ok just give me a last chance and i said the discord profile bio isnt already mine i dont have a discord acc its my brothers acc and i can be better if u just goddamn unban me and i have anger issues i cant just let someone make fun of me and i just say nothing or be mad shnlawg just give me a second chance


Oh well, it’s such a pity. I’ll be busy for a while, so if you have any last words to say. Also, in case you haven’t realised, these have been your chances, and I feel you were given plenty.

I wanna talk to elect cuz the words u say makes my brain wanna explode

Welcome to the ban appeals section.

I don’t know the reason why you wanted to talk to me, but I can assure you I’m way more demanding in ban appeals and less patient so reply me according to it.

First of all, nobody is making fun of you. Here is not a circus, and we are not monkey bike riders. We’re dealing with a really serious topic here, your ban appeal. This is an official process of our server and has to be taken seriously by everybody, especially you. May your grandpa rest in peace and happy birthday to your friend(s), but honestly I don’t care about those right now because they aren’t related with our current topic. Not what you built instead of going to those places, either. This means you don’t need to talk about those to get unbanned, they don’t get your situation any better. Little secret for you, it even gets it worse. But anyway, staff has asked you several serious questions, I have read everything but you never given a satisfying answer to those. So I’ll be very explanatory right now, make sure you read well.

  1. You said Discord account wasn’t yours, it’s your brother’s. I’m a honest and direct person, so I’ll tell you what I think about it. I don’t believe it at all, but let’s suppose it’s really like that. That means your brother logged into YOUR account and got a verify token in-game and got verified in Discord. So I’m asking you, should I think you also account shared? Like what you did already wasn’t enough…


  1. Let’s get to the main topic. You built an AFK fishing farm, even though the purpose wasn’t to AFK fish. The design is literally the first search result if you type AFK Fish Farm on YouTube. So I don’t really believe in this story either, I’m sorry. Let’s say also this is also true, your goal isn’t to AFK fish. Ah, before I forget to remind you, I hope you get better but I also don’t care that you have ADHD as well. Even if you’re blind, or even armless you cannot build AFK Fish farm designs. Only way you can fish in this server is at some beach, lake, river or pond and by clicking your fishing rod by yourself, manually. AFK fishing farm builds, even if you DIDN’T FARM ANYTHING ON IT is 2nd biggest offense on this server and there is absolutely NO tolerance from staff side.

  2. Even if you built the most amazing build in the world to our server, it’s not the thing that will get you unbanned. It’s honesty and being clear and not diverting the topic that gets players unbanned even in toughest situations. So yeah, anger issues is not something that gets your situation easier. Best to remain calm and answer what is asked properly and as short as possible if you want to get goddamn unbanned.

I totally respect that you think you deserve to be unbanned, it’s not something that we can judge. I’m going to be crystal clear right now and ask you.

Why should I unban you?

Make sure you try your best to convince me. Because you’re the one who needs to convince us that we should let you return to the server. Reminder that I didn’t even talk about your chat violations in-game because these are not our main topic, so consider yourself lucky.

Firstly he didn’t log into my account i did and my brother cant talk irl so he didn’t care and i didn’t afk farm i made a simple machine when i grt a fish the fish go to the chest and not to my inventory and just it and i wanted to make it fishing less boring so i added a note block when i fish it gives a sound i logged off to try make it when i get fish i get a noteblock sound cmon blud i dont want my kid to think am boring cuz he always love to watch me playing and thats what i build and atleast unban me and ama build the thing i build and u can see if it an afk fishing farm or no and i typed in chat afk fishing farm cuz i didn’t know what to call it and i said it as a joke to my friend and if u gonna say i been racist to indians am not i just talked about how Indians scam people who have cancer and one of these people who died by these scammers are my friend and u want me to not hate them💀

I was very clear actually… But in case you haven’t read properly, any fish farm which gives enough doubt that it is an AFK fishing farm is prohibited, we don’t care if you didn’t even use it yet. The build itself is illegal. And the joke isn’t funny at all, and you really couldn’t convince me right now that you said it as a joke. I still feel like you know it was AFK fishing farm but built and farmed with it despite knowing. About the Discord account, you need tokens to get verified in our Discord server, so if your brother cannot talk in real life, you gave him the token I guess. He was talking very well on our help channel when he was asked to remove supposedly his About Me on supposedly his Discord account. That’s really interesting by the way. You seem to have a lot of stories like that. If Discord account isn’t yours, why did you give that one as your Discord in this ban appeal. Like, do you think we are blind or something? Or even worse, stupid or something? But aside all this, your story isn’t really convincing. I honestly don’t believe the goal was not to AFK farm. I did not ask you any questions about your chat violations, because we have much more problems to solve even before those. So do not answer what I didn’t ask. That pretty much shows that you didn’t read what I wrote carefully. I really feel like you’re not minding the efforts I’m giving to write all those and that’s pretty sad, because we tend to not deal much with people who does not put effort in their appeal and not replies what we ask. Eventhough you wanted to talk to me instead of other staff, you’re not giving me convincing replies. Maybe I should understand that you don’t care what any of us types, including me.

I already asked my question but you didn’t reply it but instead said dozens of unrelated words.

Are you going to apologize and convince us that you need to get unbanned? Are you going to mind and read what we wrote carefully? If you won’t care or read what we wrote why do you think you deserve to be unbanned?

Or are you going to explain unrelated stuff such as what was your aim with AFK fishing farm without reading my explanation which I repeated even in this reply as: “Any fish farm which gives enough doubt that it is an AFK fishing farm is prohibited, we don’t care if you didn’t even use it yet. The build itself is illegal.”

Do you expect that we will unban you just because your brother can watch how you play and does not be sad?

Little secret again, we don’t work like that.

I’ll be asking you one last time. I mean it when I say last.

Why should I unban you?