Electrickery-Account sharing-gatttttttvto

In-game name: gatttttttvto
Discord ID: gatocat_83155
Ban Reason: Account sharing
Plead: Guilty or Innocent i plead innocent
Reason for pleading:i was hacked it was not done by me
Apology:I will make the most elaborate password i can to ensure i dont get hacked and i apologize for leaving my computer unitended becuz i had not expected my friend to try and get me banned so for what its worth i am sorry for the past things i did and will be better and i am trying but my friend rly wants me wants me banned and genuinly hav no idea why
you can kick me from the faction and i will completly understand just give me time to gather my stuff


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Welcome to the ban appeals section.

It’s interesting that you’re pleading innocent while you admitted you shared accounts with spookie in-game and on Discord while you’ve been banned, and defending yourself with a rather funny excuse that "can’t I just have multiple friends while you’ve been warned many times just by me to not share your account with other people/players.

I also have the messages you said spookie was on your account which you(your account, anything that is done on your account is your responsibility) said in-game but not posting them here.

Let me remind you some server rules.

Server and Forums Rules

As you see, the reason you got forever banned is right up here… Unfortunately, this is not the last or least thing that you’ve done. And I’ve bad news for you, even only this last thing you did is enough to get you banned forever. No matter if it’s your friend, best friend, wife, kid, girlfriend whatsoever. I’ll first ask you this, the reason I banned you. Why did you decide to share your account with spookie, or any other friends, does not matter real life or in-game or online friends outside of MythicMC. Tell me all details and everybody you shared your account.

This ban doesn’t have anything to do with you being in my faction and opening the chests which you can open and taking stuff from not intended locations. Because it is NOT a rule break. Although, taking stuff without permission of the faction is something you’ve done in the past, you’re not a stranger to these kind of rule violations. We’ll come to those in a bit, don’t worry. What is as bad as this is, I’ve warned and told you about “do not take anything without permission except chest zone” clearly as well when you first joined my faction. Safe to say that you’ve problems in what you read. Also in listening, of course. The friend who read what I wrote on behalf of you should’ve told you about what he read in-game, right? Since you play together? Am I right? But now, you’ve done a way bigger offense than just grabbing stuff. So let’s not discuss about unrelated stuff. This ban is genuinely about account sharing. That’s why, answer the above question. Do not give details which are not related with your ban.

Unfortunately I’m not buying the story that you’ve been hacked etc. etc. Because you know what, it doesn’t change a damn thing, it’s your account. You need to create safer passwords, and not share them with anybody, obviously.

Oh, before I forget. I’m confused, can you please explain me why spookie and you are on almost same IPs. Why don’t I see a request or information by your or spookie’s side that you live in possibly same house?
Friendly Advice: What can get you unbanned is honesty. So do better than your best in being honest while replying my questions. Lies won’t get you anywhere. If spookie is you or you are spookie(does not matter), it’s an offense as big as account sharing, maybe even bigger. Because that’d mean you were lying since the start.

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he visits me freqeintly and sometimes he tries to do some stuffy on my pc, i let him on account that he only use the singe pllayer worlds when im not around the reason abt the ips is i thing its because we live in the same country

we do not share accounts spookie breaks the “only play on single player worlds” rule

im not sure if that qualifies as hacking so i just call it that

Note:im not sure how my friend using my online account without permission qualifies as account sharing

and How do you know my ip?

IM not angry in any way about it i just want to know

Would like to add that he “accidentally” messaged someone an IP address in ingame chat. That has since been deleted by me. Good to keep in mind.

sorry abt that btw

but thank you for deleting it

yes that was completely unintentional as i am still learning abt discord


To add on why your ban was permanent and not a verbal warning in case you were ever wondering, me and you had an agreement. And it looks like you really didn’t try hard enough to change. This appeal is elec’s, but consider the following as your not-so-good past:

Additionally, you may only bump your post once every 24 hours. Impatience doesn’t ease your situation at all. And trust me, it’s not looking good for you.

but i already told you what happened
those messages were not wrote by me

tbh the first one was a typo

Right, and someone else got access to your account. We call that account sharing, intentional or not. Let me add one more thing, my apologies to Elec who’s the one handling this appeal.

You attempted to apply to the builder rank and lied to us. Not really a bannable offense, but it’s all these tiny things adding to your player record. Me and Althia witnessed this while looking into your application and you wasted our time.

Now we may await for Elec’s response or, of course, you can add your own apologies to all of this. Word of advice though, if I were you, I’d change my attitude to a more apologetic tone, rather than “I don’t see what I did wrong here” tone. Because if you keep that going, you’re not coming back.

i recently got a puppy but he sadly passed away after
the first one was written

sorry abt that i posted the wrong screenshot i took that one cuz it reminded me to take a nice photo