This disscustion is about my 1 year ban

In-game name: marcosan
Discord ID: marcoson#2878
Ban Reason: none
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: im guilty
Apology: im so so so sorry for the trubble asnd pain and problems ive caused and i regreat everything the reason for this appel is because i have beed baned for almost a year now and i just want to be back in the comunity and be a better person offline and online and in the 1 year i have been baned i have learned how to be kind and respectful online and i dont am just very very sorry

Honestly with a history like yours I don’t see why I should consider unbanning, for one your original appeal was already denied which 99.9% of the time means you won’t be unbanned ever.

You broke not one, but 5 rules at minimum that you were warned about or punished for in some form. This isn’t counting the ones we may have not know you broke either and i suspect there was atleast a
couple rules. You should have read the rules the after the first time. But, clearly you didn’t read them any of the times, or did and ignored some of the rules.

Honestly, I couldn’t trust anything you said before and I still have no reason to. I don’t see how you changed any based on this post so far being that you still made multiple spelling mistakes in it like before, if you cared about the appeal at all i would have atleast expected you to run spellcheck on it at minimum.

But I’ll atleast entertain the idea of unbanning you for now since i want to hear what you have to say. Tell me why I should even consider it after all of the above and you being absurdly bad at following rules.

I am sorry for my spelling mistakes and I am bad at following rules and yes I have a bad history of even worse rule following. I am also ADHD and it makes it hard to focus on anything but in the 1 year of being banned I never let this IP go because I love this server way to much. even though I do not expect to be unbanned. I just want at least a day online as I wait for your reply I will be reading the Server and Forums Rules I got to go to school soon so I do not know when I can get back to you also you have a few spelling errors too.

Sadly for you, people who are bad at following the rules don’t have a place on the server.

We also noticed you evading the ban on alt accounts multiple times and even if you haven’t done it recently, it suggests that you haven’t changed and will just break more rules. I’m not going to believe you’ve changed unless you come back in a few years as an adult and even then I probably wouldn’t.

So yes, your history is way to bad for you to ever get unbanned at this point. I just wanted to explain more in-depth way why you won’t be unbanned compared to last time, so you hopefully won’t make the same mistakes where you go next.

I have ADHD myself and while it does affect my ability to focus, even as a 12 year old playing on TE I was able to still follow the rules, so I don’t see how its relevant here unless yours is somehow different from mine.

Ofc your appeal was already denied before due to all the above reasons, but i’ll say it again:

~ Appeal denied ~

Next time you try to make another appeal i’ll just ban your forum account to instead of replying.