The Hunt for the Invisibility Tunic

It’s been a while since I announced this treasure hunt in discord, so I’ll be making a post here as well. I still don’t expect it to be found any time soon though.

Treasure hunt in Factions
A trinket has been hidden somewhere in Factions world. This trinket is a gray tunic with some very special properties: it makes the wearer invisible from every player (except staff), it cannot be repaired or enchanted, and you probably don’t want to craft anything with it as it might lose its powers. Do note that you are not invisible from mobs just by wearing the tunic, and it can still take damage and break.

Rules of the hunt:

  1. You do not have to break any blocks to reach it.
  2. It is above sea level.
  3. It is not visible from the sky, but also not technically underground.
  4. There are no factions or player built structures nearby.
  5. The location stands out in the surrounding area; that is, if a place looks interesting, special or unique, chances are it’s there. It is meant to catch your eye.
  6. The tunic is not found at the world border. To clarify, if you can see the world border, the tunic is not there.

What you’re looking for
The trinket is a gray tunic like the one in the screenshot. It is placed inside a single chest, that has a jungle sign above it with a message from me. There is nothing else in the chest. I would describe the location metaphorically as an old man watching white grass grow. My poetic skills aren’t anything special though, so if this confuses you, you can, and probably should, just ignore it.

Good luck with the hunt! I will announce when the tunic was found. If you happen to find it, I would appreciate if you told me, but it’s ok if you don’t, as I will be checking it myself occasionally. I don’t expect it to be found any time soon though, as the world is pretty huge.

Small note: I updated the description of the tunic since I started the treasure hunt, hence why this screenshot differs from the one in my discord message. Nothing in its functionality changed.

Small edit: apparently someone had an epiphany from this emote (:man_white_haired:), so I’ll just leave it here in case it helps others as well.
Another small edit: updated the metaphoric description of the place.
Extra small edit: added another hint (number 6).

Final edit: after more than 2 months, the tunic has finally been found! Congratulations to the new owner and thanks to everyone who took part willingly!


pass me the tunic

I bet the shirt is hidden in the place where the SC was taken…

No, that’s my home, it’s hidden nowhere near it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds sus, that definitely makes me think more it is hidden there xd

Seems like it’s in a snow biome

Oops! User deleted the message

Do note no faction appears on f map.

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Thats good

For those wondering, this was the tunic location. Torches added after it was found :stuck_out_tongue:


:expressionless: :no_mouth::expressionless: :no_mouth::expressionless: :no_mouth::expressionless: :no_mouth::expressionless: :no_mouth: seriously :pray:

Don’t worry, there should be plenty other chances to find various trinkets :stuck_out_tongue:
I also should look into sorting out : P turning into the actual emote >_>

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yesterday someone flew by me and talked with me, didnt know he could find the tunic

very yum and reliable tunic, it has not been washed and probably full of my sweat because of the maze

hey Astelon I am still banned so pls unban me im gonna give you everything i got in my inventory so pls unban so a can say something to all of you people in mythicmc.

Please make a proper appeal for you ban, see how to by clicking the link below: