The Dragon Head Event (Main Topic)

Welcome to the Dragon Head Event, an unofficial event hosted solely by me (HotLava03) with its most important part being its reward – One of the rarest items on the network, the Dragon Head.

What do we have to do?
Given how valuable the reward is, I decided to go for something a little different. I don’t want to base this off anyone’s talents in specific, and the decision will end up being random. However, I didn’t want absolutely random people getting this without any effort at all, so to participate, you actually have to win at least one contest of the group of contests I will host.

What do you mean by “group of contests”?
Each “contest” will be a subset of this event that will act completely independently from it. How? I will host very simple (yet probably time consuming) events now and then, an indefinite amount of them, and their reward will have on its content a ticket for participating on the Dragon Head Event.

What are these “tickets”?
These are the (only) way you can actually get a chance to get your Dragon Head. Yes, chance. That’s how this event will work. Every ticket will be counted in a choice and the owner of the winning ticket will be the grand winner of this event.

Which kind of events/contests will you host?
All events will be published under this topic. They all have a type, and these types may slowly have new types added into them. For example, the first event will be of the type Hidden Area, which consists on finding a hidden spot on any place of the network and sending a screenshot to my Discord (or a provided code). The only provided clues will be on this topic and asking for any more clues may lead to disqualification.

Any other notes?
As to my rights and your rights:

  • This event is purely for fun. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  • If by any reason this event ends up canceled (which I hope not), winners of sub-events (contests) hosted here will be compensated with a prize of 200k IGM per ticket. If the event comes to an end and the winner is drawn, this compensation will not exist.
  • There is no specific date for the winner to be drawn. Depending on how things go on the first few events that happen, I will see how successful they are. Based on that, I will later announce a possible end date.
  • Disqualified players are listed on this post.
  • Ticket owners are listed on this post.

Hunyo16 - 1
Parth_ - 4
JoeyTheGreen - 1
Crypt2nitee - 2

Have fun!


[FINISHED] Event #1 – ORANGE Hidden Area
Type: Hidden Area
Description: Find this place and follow the instructions strictly written on the signs of said place. Event distinguished from other hidden areas by color.

You are reading the first sub-event of this Dragon Head Event.
All you need to do is… Find the Hidden Area. As for the clues, all I’m giving you is a poem.

For the best color in this world
To the middle of it you must go
The very middle indeed it is
And that’s all you must know.

As for little details I can tell
There’s not much else to this
Seven is my lucky number
And its presence you won’t miss.

Update: Since no one found anything yet, I will give more clues.


Good luck.


[FINISHED] Event #2 – Poetry Writing Contest
Type: Writing
Description: Write accordingly to what’s requested in the forum topic shown below. All information is listed there.


[FINISHED] Events #3 and #4 - CYAN and GREEN Hidden Areas
Type: Hidden Area
Description: Find these places and follow the instructions strictly written on the signs of said places. Event distinguished from other hidden areas by color.

Two more hidden areas for you to explore. Here are the hints.

BOTH: You might want to try Baclava.

CYAN: The Emperor sure sits pretty close to it all day. If something truly bad happened though, he’d go all the way in there.

GREEN: Who would tell the Grand Café’s owner is a smuggler?

Have fun and good luck!


Event #5 - FloorIsLava Map Contest (External)
Type: Official Server Event
Description: Build a FloorIsLava map for it to be used in the minigame’s arena. Only one can win. (Participation prize is 20k IGM)

Prize: 2 tickets, 500k IGM

Have fun and good luck!

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Type: Hidden Area
Description: Find these places and follow the instructions strictly written on the signs of said places. Event distinguished from other hidden areas by color.

So, it has come. The last mini-event in this whole event. And I’m not sure how long it’ll take. I honestly think it’s quite easy, but you guys will tell me by how long you take to find this.

To spice things up, I won’t give you any clues. All I know is that you guys will smell after you find this place. And well… If you look at events #3 and #4

PS: As always, only one player gets rewarded the tickets. If you play together, it doesn’t matter. The first to DM me in Discord the sign with the code wins.

Reward: 2 tickets and 1 mending book

I hope you guys enjoyed these tiny events. I honestly wanted to do a little more, but I started running out of time due to college. I was gonna host another writing contest (cough, Godfather), but I found it unnecessary for this event in specific. However, I will host that separately at some point. I got myself enough money to make a couple of events now.

Good luck!

EDIT: Since you guys suck, here’s a new clue:
SEWERS. What else smells???

EDIT 2: Really, guys? Sewers usually, at least in my world, drain water at the ocean, not in the middle of the land miraculously



The following are the assigned numbers for each ticket, along their owner’s IGN.

  1. Hunyo16
  2. Parth_
  3. Parth_
  4. Parth_
  5. Parth_
  6. JoeyTheGreen
  7. Crypt2nitee
  8. Crypt2nitee

The first entry of the shuffle was 6, JoeyTheGreen, which makes him the Grand Winner of the Dragon Head Event!

I have more events in mind, so my events will obviously not stop here. For now, I’d like to thank everyone who helped me with organizing these micro-events, and for everyone who participated. See you all around.