MythicMC FloorIsLava Map Contest II

Welcome to the second edition of the FloorIsLava Map contest. For those who don’t know, this will be a contest for building new maps for the FloorIsLava minigame in the Games server, with an appealing reward for the winners.

FIL maps have a set of building rules that can also be viewed at /warp filmapexample (obviously this topic has the rules with better detail so do base on these). This warp also includes an example map cage.

Map Dimensions: 55x39x11 (55 blocks of length, 39 blocks of width, 11 blocks of height). Height does not include the barrier section

Allowed Blocks: Any solid block that isn’t affected by gravity, that isn’t an entity, that is not affected by adjacent blocks if these are broken and that is 1x1x1. Sand, gravel and anvils are examples of gravity-affected blocks. Item frames, paintings and armor stands are examples of entities. Torches and lanterns are examples of blocks affected by adjacent blocks upon broken. Doors are examples of blocks that occupy more than 1 block and are thus larger than 1x1x1. You should also not use chests as decoration as these are the perk chests.

Perk Chests: Every map needs to have perk chests. There’s usually 5 chests average in each map, but that number may vary depending on the map’s gameplay (i.e. if it’s very populous in terms of blocks or very open, if it has a lot of structures, etc.) The map builder has full freedom of choosing where chests go to and how many are used. However, we may change that in the future.

Some side notes and tips

You may have 11 blocks of height to build your map on, but we recommend avoiding extremely tall structures in the map, especially if they occupy a lot of space. Firstly, this makes camping easy (which we really are trying to avoid), and most importantly, we need to give space for players to teleport into the map.

Try your best to never touch the barrier section with your map.

Keep your map well lit, using light blocks (not torches or lanterns, but glowstone and sea lanterns for example). This makes it so players using brightness mods don’t get any advantage over other players.

As said above, avoid tall platforms. These make it easier for players to camp, and we’re trying our best to have anti-camper maps.

The map dimensions are all inclusive. They are not the cage size, but the map’s size itself. You’ll understand this properly if you check out the example cage in /warp filmapexample.


  • 2 Dragon Head Event tickets (more info here)
  • 500k IGM

There is only one winner, but reutilized maps will be awarded with a participation prize of 20k.

How to submit

Reply to this topic with coordinates to the map. You may only make changes until the end date. We recommend using the creative world so survival blocks aren’t wasted. BLOCK LOGS WILL BE CHECKED BOTH FOR AUTHORS AND EDIT TIMES.

End time

23:59 UTC August the 15th of 2022

Reserved rights by the network: All maps awarded with the participation prize may be reutilized. Any reutilized maps may be edited by any means by the network’s staff. This event has one winner, chosen by me (HotLava03) along by other staff members with their opinion. Plagiarism leads to instant disqualification from this event as well as the Dragon Head Event. Only one player can be the author of one map. Only one entry per player.

Have fun and thanks for participating!
- Mythic Staff Team

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Nick : Crypt2nitee
Creative world : 1120 311 -257


Name: JoeyTheGreen

World: Creative

Coords: 449 69 -1266

As a note, I was already in the process of making this FIL map to hopefully submit it as a replacement for the current map (pre 32294’s mushroom map) we have. If you’d prefer I’d make a new one for the intent of this competition please let me know and I will create a fresh one to submit.

As a further note, I have made the underneath into lava to give the full idea of an implemented map, this is due to it being transparent and a solid texture block underneath would give a different impression.

As an even further note, (as I’m quite invested in this sort of thing) it is at maximum 1 block thick and the effect of an air block next to a glass block is quite hard to notice and fairly unforgiving. Although having something like Optifine connected textures can negate this somewhat. I’d suggest, if you’re using connected textures, to view it with it on and off. I have also only included 4 chests instead of the standard 5 (which I think is the standard), and they’re placed quite far from one another allowing it to actually be a challenge to collect these in low player games.

I’d absolutely love this to be included in the roster if there are better ones that are chosen.
Many thanks, JoeyTheGreen.

Edit: typos of course -.-


Name: Hunyo16
Coords in Creative: 1183 69 -2150


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The contest is now closed and the winners will be announced shortly. I will mention all participants via Discord once I have an update. For now, this topic is closed for regular members.