Someone broke in my house

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In-game name: Dzenan2001
What happened: When I returned today, I noticed that someone broke into my house by removeing 2 blocks of tree leaves that stood there as a temporary wall. Yesterday, leaves were there and everything was ok. I don’t think that I broke it, since I didn’t start removing house walls yet. I am not sure if someone managed to get in underground storage that I made and take any stuff from my chests. I even asked my friend rottenapple to test the lever that lets pistons open the entrance, he managed to do it without any issue although he has denied access.
Coordinates (if applicable): -274 / 72 / -1016
Who you suspect and why: I don’t even know who to blame since only 3 of us have access. I don’t blame either knight or Candigirl, since they wouldn’t do such thing.
Screenshots and evidence:

Note: Wool is placed to mark the area where the leaves were located, broken and where someone probably managed to get inside of my house.
I will be thankful for all of your kind help.

Already explained to you ingame what happened, I rolled back the damage, do mention if I missed anything.