**READ BEFORE POSTING** How to report a player

Welcome to the player reports category. If you wish to report a player for breaking any rule (harassment, griefing, stealing, etc), create a new topic with the following format. (If the report is of a sensitive nature and better kept private, it is better to open a ticket on the MythicMC Discord using the !ticket command.)

The topic title must describe the report (for example, somebody griefed my house).

The topic must have the following format:

In-game name:
What happened:
Coordinates (if applicable):
Who you suspect and why:
Screenshots and evidence:


  1. Make sure to post coordinates (if any) in this format x y z, NOT x, y, z OR x: y: z: since it will be easy for us to copy coordinates and paste them to teleport, rather than removing the symbols between. Do not use screenshots for coordinates either.

  2. Only bump your post once every 24h.

  3. Do NOT message us about your report. We will delay handling your report.

  4. If your report was rejected, do not seek help from other staff. When staff says NO, it’s a NO unless you are 100% sure there was a mistake.

  5. Do not hijack other people’s topics, make your own report topic.

  6. Do not post in other’s reports if you are NOT involved.

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