Signature On Forums

Description: Signature for forums.

Why: Just like in TE, a signature can showcase alot of information especially for those who have alot to share on forums. This includes them replying on something then a random person just reads the replies on forums and saw their signature, it may pique their interest on whatever it is on the signature. Setting a default or allowe dimension would help in making sure that it won’t cover the whole screen.


  • Every Reply or Post can advertise what is allowed thru a signature. Like a faction recruitment, services offered in game, shop advertisement in game or just showcase their awesome signature, etc…
  • This would open a new way to make in-game money in-exchange for a requested signature.


  • The thing I would probably say as a con is with the difficulty adding this feature available on forums.
  • Difficulty on having a fixed market on this as the value of each signature will vary on the quality itself of the work.

I found a similar topic, which is this: Free Forum Banners and Cards.

I’m hoping on reviving this and see where it goes. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

Here’s a sample: (In which would show on every post or reply of a person)


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We use a popular forum software called discourse, we don’t have to time or resources to develope forums completely from scratch so we’re limit to the features of it.

Yes, there may be alternatives that have similar feature to signatures in the TE forums, but any other forum software compared to this one is terrible.

The closest thing to signatures that i can say is the option to set a background image for if someone clicks on your name. You can also put an image banner on your user page as well.

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I see, I’ll be sticking with the current feature then. Thank you so much for your input. You may close this thread.