Free Forum Banners and Cards

Yesterday i realized I didn’t have a forum banner or card and decided to make one since I had extra time before work I decided to make a simple one… And today I had nothing to do during this time. I’ve wanted to get better at graphical Design for awhile now (i’m okay but not as good as i want to be). Since I have this free time in the morning i’ve decided i’d spend that time practicing graphical design… And to practice i’ll be creating free forum banners and cards (banners are shown on the top of your summary page and cards are shown when someone clicks on your pfp), however do not expect anything professional as i’m still learning and don’t expect it to be done right away since i’ll only be spending the 30-60mins I have free in the morning to do it. If you’d like one for free, please describe what you’d like in as much detail as you can and i’ll try my best to come up with something :3 I will be doing requests in order as received.

Note: Please include a font if you want text, else I will chose the font myself

Disclaimer: Please do not bug me about wether its done or not, if you bug me enough I may decide just not to do or finish it.

Forum Banner Example

Forum Card Example

Just click on my pfp ._.


Gib profile banner
Anything you can come up with
I may put it on my mc skin

I may put it on my mc skin

idk how you going ot fit a 1110x300 image on it and i’d like to see you try

I may put it on my mc skin

._. well this is going to be interesting then… if you want smth decent please a little direction on theme atleast xD

I already have one but a new one will be fine too :smiley:
Hmm al i want it to have a nice mc background, my name: JackyWack, my discord tag: JackyWack#7318 and Mythic logo.
Thats all, thanks, have a nice day :3

Do you have a preferred font and text color for your name and disc tag or would you like me to choose?

Hmm I don’t have an idea in mind so u can choose anything u like, something that give a happy vibe would be preferred :3 Thanks my passionate follower <3

o im just here to click on people and see their profile banners
u could probably announce that ur making banners in the discord so more people can get free stuff

nah, she probably meant to post it here so that few people can see it (hence she won’t be spammed by requests) XD

exactally kenneth
also @JackyWack yours will be done by the end of tonight.

There isnt a deadline but nice :D, will check tomorrow after exams are done

@JackyWack Originally i came up with this first one

then i was staring at the title screen and came up with this stupid idea xD

i’ll let you decide which is better xD also can easily make edits to either one if you want smth changed/added. Or to download click the image and click download below the image.

Just realised that i dont have a banner ;-;
Soo… all i want is asuna (from sao) in banner, other stuff (expression , background) is totally upto you, hoep you will surprise me :stuck_out_tongue:

ah anothor weeb i see


Lovely, the second one for sureeeee, but can u make it light blue?
And one more thing, i want o have this sentence “Have a nice day!” some where, a happy font (not sure what define a happy font :v but u choose) and light blue too
Thanks, u knw ur reward :3

Wasn’t sure what a happy font was so used google and found one ._. tbh i was kinda a bit hard to find a good spot for the text but i tried XD

Have it above Mythyc maybe? in the sky, its hard to see at the bottom :v
The other parts are perfect

see thats where the problem is… the sky is light blue… it’ll blend into the sky as well and won’t be easy to see there either >.> theres really not a good spot for it ._.

Ye, it blends with the water too :v, i will take this
Meet ingame for reward :3

actually way more readable on your page when its the correct size tho xD enjoy

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