Price Index (a very long list of prices)

Price Index

Right about now you’re probably wondering wtf have I stumbled upon. You’ve successfully managed to find a forums post, that’s really just documentation.

This project was started a long time ago based on the idea of having a central list of prices to use as a reference when trading. Currently there is just data from some of the main shops on the server, but in the future, I hope to get every item added to the list (including ones that are not being sold in shops).

The list of prices can be found here.

Information and tutorial

1.0 - Preforming Searchs

1.1 - Preforming a simple search

1.2 - Setting the item count

Putting a number in one of these boxes will calculate the price based on the number of items entered. You can press enter after you type a number in a box to apply it.

By Item Count

The item count box will calculate the price for the exact number of items you entered. For example, if you typed 100 in the box, the price for 100 items would be displayed in the result.

By Stacks

The stack count box will calculate the price for the number of stacks you entered. For example, if you typed 1 in the box, you would get the price for 64 items if the item was stone; however, it’d display the price for 1 item for an item like an enchanted book because enchanted books only stack to 1 item.

By Single Chests

The sc count box will calculate the price for an sc of each item. For example, if you typed 1 in the box, the price for 1 sc of each item would be displayed in the result.

By Double Chests

The dc count box will calculate the price for the number of dcs you entered. For example, if you typed 10 in the box, the price for 10 dcs of each item would be displayed in the result.

1.3 - Choosing shops

Enabling Shops

Shops that are red are disabled, clicking on them will cause them to become enabled for the next search.

Disabling Shops

Shops that are green are enabled, clicking on them will cause them to become disabled for the next search.

1.4 - Using item Categories

When you hover over the search bar, the category list will appear. Clicking on any of the category buttons after will display a search of the category of items.

2.0 - Understanding Results

2.1 - Results broken down

2.2 - Sell price results

Entering a negative item count will cause it to shop the shop sell prices instead of buy prices. Displaying how much you would get if you sold the selected number of items to the shop.

(see 1.2 for how to select item count)


2.3 - Shop statistics


3.0 - Adding Prices

3.1 - Submitting a single price

If you wish to submit a few updated prices or add a couple new ones, please visit the submit a price page and fill out the form by clicking here.

The shop option is optional on this page, so if you wish to submit a general market value for an item, leave the shop field blank.

After you click the submit button, a discord bot will automatically send a message to a channel with the NShop staff for review. If your price information looks good, we will add it as soon as possible (please do not message us about it)

3.2 - Request a shop to be added

For a shop to be eligible to be displayed on this page, it must have at least 50 items for sale. If the shop meets this requirement and you’d like it to be added, please reply to this forum post with the shop warp and we’ll add it when we can.

3.3 - Request a category to be added

If you want a category to be added in addition to the existing ones, please reply to this forum post with the name of the category and all the items it would contain. We will then evaluate whether it’s worth adding or not.



32294 - Almost everything
Hotlava03 - A dropdown
Vox313 - OAuth (sign-in) part of the discord bot

Design testing and feedback:

_Candigirl_, Dodol, Dave76, SirYeetMann, Hotlava03, and Zorioux

Initial Data Collection:

32294 and Vox313


As the one Data Collector I’d like to share with you how I collected the Data from the shops (to save you a lot of pain, if you want or need to do it yourself).
Because obviously I was not insane enough to note all of that down into a file myself.
So we made a simple Python script which can simplify all of that work.

Nevertheless, I am providing it here so shop owners can just quickly spam trough their shops and then just update their shops if they want to or need to, because doing that manually will take ages, if there are any drastic changes you made or will make.

Tool & Info of how it works:


I apologize for the site downtime this past week as my internet was out, the site is working again.

Changelog (8/6/23):

  • Fixed multiple UI bugs
  • A bunch of general UI improvements
    o More Acurately aligned input sizes
    o Better color contrast for all colors
    o Category dropdown size and design improvements
  • Add a bandwidth friendly version of the site for people with poor internet (doesn’t load pictures for items)

Data Updates:

  • NShop data was updated

Planned Changes:

  • Leaderboard for who submits the most data to the website going forward
  • Changelog directly on the website for major data updates
  • Other highly secret stuff
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Thanks to @abby226 mentioning there was only 1 sell price at watershop, I ended up finding a bug in the parsing script for shop logs.

Previously sell prices on the website (when you enter a negative item count) would show nonsense. The bug in the script has been fixed, and all of the data has been recollected and updated, so the website should be fully accurate now.

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Welp, it’s now becoming the repository for the price index utilities.
(Don’t worry, this includes the shoplogger, version 1.0.0 will have the above mentioned issue resolved.)

Anyways, uhh yeah just felt like sharing.

sneak peak on currently in progress changes:

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i forgot to add the other screenshots…

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Refactored all of the website code (this took a lot of work). For those who don’t know what this means, basically I cleaned up all of the code and made it more efficient and readable. You really want see a noticeable difference from this other than maybe slightly faster searches, but it’s important for when I got to add the last two remaining large features. It would not be possible to add them without doing this first, which is why I did it in the first place.

Changelog (8/28/23):

  • Fixed more UI bugs (I think I finally killed all of them, please let me know if you find more)
  • Made designs more consistent
    o fixed some OCD inducing things (such as the search inputs not scaling correctly, which is the bane of my existance and took many hours to fix.)
  • Leaderboard for submissions is now a thing (found on submissions page)
  • Stats page was re-done, more stats and better stats. You should look at them

Data Updates

  • more NShop data again \o/
  • Eden was add as a shop.


  • replace the banner images
  • custom themes
  • the still secret stuff
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I visted every warp on the server with “shop” in the name or similar names to shops stuff.
G-Shop has not been added yet because the warp is blocked.
B3shop and MRCShop were also ignored due to have <50 shops, not meeting the requirements.

Data Updates

  • Darkshop added
  • PLShop added
  • Angelshop added
  • Eden disabled from the website due to having the warp blocked
  • NShop added more items
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Changelog (9/11/23):

  • Redid the way items look after searching
    – more easily readable text (moved image to the top and moved price closer to shop name)
    – page will now show up to 5 items side by side
    – mobile view now shows two items in a row
  • Added a search button to the search bar for accessability
    – search button on mobile view was combined with the search bar to match desktop
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I am literally dead rn, but I finally managed to containerize everything…

Most of you probably have no idea what containerization is and i’m not even going to try to explain it but, it improves organization, security, and if something breaks it’ll be easier to restore a backup.

Also i have added, which will take you back to this topic because i’m a lazy ass to click the trade section each time. Also great for you to share the forums documentation with ppl in game because it’s easy to remember

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Update on the LogParser,
Some messaged me about v0.1.2 giving inaccurate prices, which was true.
So what I basically want to say is, v1.0.0 is now released as a pre release, the log parser should work fine now without any issues, if there still are issues feel free to dm me.

Pretty much, the documentation should give you all you need.


I have implemented extra security measures on the web server. I could not see where i broke anything, but if anything appears broken, please let me know.

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These are both things that i did earlier in the week, but did not get to post until now (yay midterms, which i get to go back to doing after posting this and eating food)

Changelog (10/13/23):

  • Log parser now exports two execl documents, one like before and one that is in an SQL ready format because i have gotten too lazy to keep adding the SQL to the document manually afterwards.

Data Updates

  • Watershop updated to reflect new owner (old data has been archived)
  • MRCShop has been added now that it has >50 shops
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I am not sure when or how, but the stats page was accidentally replaced with the submit page… I have fixed it.

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Turns out I managed to delete all of the item images on accident yesterday while fixing the stats page.

Thankfully I have a backup server that takes backups regularly, so i restored all of the images from backup >->

More than likely you didn’t notice unless you hadn’t visited the site in a while and just did because web browsers cache images.

Is it possible to also include prices on enchanted diamond tools and books?

Most of the ebooks are already on the site:

Tools may be added in the future, but it’s not something i’m worrying about rn

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Apologies if you noticed an outage of the website earlier today, i was without internet for awhile.

Everything should be fine now.