Price Index (a very long list of prices)

We officially have had over 100 unique people visit the website \o/


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There was some indecisiveness about redesigning the search bar from the internal NShop team, so the vote is now being taken here, please choose your favorite search bar [items are only there so you can see what the bar looks like next to them]. (ignore the missing shops buttons for the time being)

(please do not vote on the poll if you have already voted internally*)






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By this point most active forum people have had a chance to see the poll, so I will close the vote now. Adding the internal vote ends in an even split between 1-3 and 4-5, so I think i am going to break the tie and make the executive decision to go with 4 or 5 for more overall consistency.

Site will also be down until further notice due to unstable power

Site has returned.

Sneak peak at whats to come:


Hey there, v1.0.0 of the Log Parser has now been fully released!
This version should have fixed all incorrectly parsed shop data mentioned by the community making this the most stable version as of now.

Apologies for the long wait!

Merry Christmas! <3

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v1.0.1 is available!

Hey there, v1.0.1 of the Log Parser has now been released.
Yeah that was quite fast I know, but it came due to us moving the repository into a new github organization for categorization purposes.

Eitherway I recommend downloading this one directly if you haven’t already installed v1.0.0;
This update is honestly just to make sure everything works fine in the future so updating isn’t of need but it’s recommended.

Organization page here; Price Index · GitHub


Apologies for the downtime earlier today. I have been working on a website for college (which i have not forgot about finishing the update for this website… it’s coming soonish… probably within a couple weeks) and i ended up needing to change how some things were setup because it became to much of a mess.

I spent awhile detangling my databases, webservers, and proxies from one another… Nothing i am running should affect the other services now, unless the proxy dies, which would effectively disconnect everything from the internet.

Over 150 unique people have clicked the link now \o/

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Join the official Price Index discord if you wish, although it’ll be a bit before it’s used to it’s full extent:

I am finally finished the Dropdown (well for the previously mentioned college project that also needed it)…

Since it was the last real thing stopping me from merging all of the changes, I have merged all of the current changes. I am still by no means anywhere near done… I also have a partially done discord bot, which will eventually be available to the public (in the above discord, so yes join it if you want to look at stuff from discord lol).

I would give you a changelog, but it’d be way to long.

I probably should have been using version numbers before now, but laziness. I am naming this version: 1.0.0-beta, i am considering anything before now alpha lol. Actually release 1.0.0 will be whenever i get time to clean up the code… I will update the documentation from the first post upon release 1.0.0

On another note, both Sahara and Darkshop are back on the website now that they have both re-setup their shops

This is a large update so please report any bugs/oddities :3

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v1.0.2 out btw.

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I appears that PLShop has been blocked off… As such it has been removed from the website for now.

v2.0.0-alpha is out, as a pre-release. It still remains to be tested a bit more.
However in theory you can use it, and should for the future as the data export format is different, which is what @32294 would prefer as she’s the one who implemented it! :smile:


Also this was probably the last time I will post an update of the project ongoing in this forums thread.

Any other important announcements will be in the dedicated discord server.