Please UNBANNED me Im Sorry Never Do It Again

In-game name: Tropico
Discord ID: 1451
Ban Reason: I Lied and Use Other ACC
Plead: Guilty or Innocent: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I need Another ACC cause i Want to Start Again I just wanna take my stuff Back
im really really sorry for what ive done pls unban tropico cause i wanna take my stuff back
pls if i do it again unban me permanently and never un ban again pls give me last last chance just once pls im really sorry to the staffs im not cheating im just using an alt acc i will never ever do it again PROMICE


Calm down buddy. Just be honest with me and we can get this done quick.

Aside from Tropico, what other accounts do you have registered on the server?

ok heres my acc that regestered on the server theres only 2 acc im being honest ok
1stt acc Tropico
2nd acc Str4st
thats all

Why did you make the Str4st account?

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because i want to start again because i lost my faction my stuff and my palace so tropico is useless now and because im offline for months because i play other server or play other games

Which account do you want to keep?

While you are at it, I want you to read the rules to ensure that you are updated with them when playing on the server.

pls unban tropico because i cant play when its still banned

i want to keep Str4st

Ok, this is what is going to happen: I am going to get an Admin to help me move your stuff from Tropico over to Str4st.

When that is done, I will unban you and you will be able to get back on the server.

In the meantime, I want you to read the rules like I’ve asked you to.

ok i will
thank u

im done reading the rules thank u very much

pls tell me if im unbanned cause ima play now

am i unbanned now?

hey did i get unbanned rn?

You will be told when you will be unbanned, stop replying or you risk being temp banned for a few days

im sorry i will not reply. just pls notify me when its done

An impatient one I see. I also don’t like how you said you’ve read the rules 1 minute after you said you did; I bet you opened the page and just said you did.

I would have unbanned you immediately, but I will be placing a 1 day temp ban on you. 24 hours from this post, you can rejoin the server.

In the meantime, READ THE RULES as I will not be so lenient next time.

You’re appeal has been accepted.
You may return to MythicMC 1 day from now.

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