Please unban me I got ban for no reason


In-game name: Str4st
Discord ID: 1451
Ban Reason: i get banned for no reason
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: im just playing fair
Apology: im sorry but to be honest im not doing something bad… i can explain everything after mod/staff replies

Hello @Tropico
As I see, you still refuse to be honest with us about your use of xray right after you admitted in our PMs that you did use xray.

Could you give a proper explanation of:

  1. How you managed to find 600+ diamonds ores, with your mining pattern leading directly to the ores, and
  2. Why would you lie about your attempt to dupe diamond ores with a machine, that you referred it as “mob farm”

Let’s not forget the deathtrap you built as a “prank”, but I will ignore that for now since the above require an answer from you.

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Ok im sry i lie i just dont wanted to be banned but the machine dont work its just an ghost block thats why i turn it off because its useless
And i lie because i dont want to get banned and even i loe or not u still ban me that why i lie im sry
If u unban me just take all the dia but dont get ny stuff because its not from hax its from my other acc topico

I hope you realize that if you were honest from the beginning, you would be in less trouble now.

Please read the Server and Forums Rules and tell me which exact rules you’ve broken.

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i wanna be honest im just scared of getting banned
because if i tell u ill be ban and i thought if i would not tell u i would be not banned im sry
ok ima read the rules but i can tell u what i broke
using xray
lie to admin/staff
thats all
btw pls get my dia but leave me atleast 1 stack i wanna sell it because i use xray because i really wanna get the netherite sword but i dont have idea to get money fast thats why i use it its the only reason i use xray because what do i even use with dias?
its ur choice i cant beg u because i broke some rules

According to your response, and your previous ban appeal, I don’t feel like you’ve read the rules properly again.

Please answer the below questions with True or False to confirm you did read the rules.

  1. Attempting to get a player banned without a legit reason won’t get me in trouble.
  2. Leaving a redstone clock active meanwhile I’m not using it it’s illegal.
  3. Brightness mods are not allowed.
  4. There is a limit for turtles per faction.

The best way to respond is by writing the question’s number and next to it True/False.

  1. False
    3-4. True

You got one of the questions wrong, read again the rules and try again.

2. False

Leaving a Redstone clock active meanwhile I’m not using it it’s illegal.

This is obviously true.

The question you got wrong was:

Brightness mods are not allowed.

This is false, they are allowed.

From this, I feel you are playing with me, wasting my time, and not even caring to read the rules properly.
I will give you another 4 questions, if you get one of the questions wrong your ban appeal is denied.

Please answer the below questions with True or False to confirm you SURELY did read the rules.

  1. Connecting with VPN is allowed.
  2. Building an iron golem farm is not allowed.
  3. Editing your bid in an auction is allowed.
  4. Advertizing server’s names is not allowed.
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  1. false
  2. true
  3. false
  4. true

You got all of the questions correct, I’m glad you finally read the rules properly.

Now, due to your use of xray, we will reset your inventory and balance no matter what.
This is your last chance of coming back in the server. If you will be caught breaking a rule again, it will be final.

Don’t make me regret my decision.
Unbanned and Closed.