My note to _Inugami

In-game name: Hero_playMc
Discord ID: Hero_playzMc#1257
Ban Reason: using hacked client
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: i want to impress my friend for bieng good at pvp
Apology:im sorry for using hacked client i will never repeat that mistake ever again . thank you for your time

Good afternoon, and welcome to the ban appeals forum.

It’s kind of unfortunate that you thought this might work. So I want to ask you: that friend- are they impressed right now?

Furthermore, I’d like you to list all the cheats you’ve used. As well as explain what this special glitch you mentioned is. Then we can continue with the appeal.

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ok sir admin. ive used kill aura hacks and x-ray btw i dont use alot and flying glitches.thats all the cheats i used but my friend found out after i got banned using cheats but thank you for the time.

and olso my friend is not impressed instead hes upset

and olso sir i dont even know how i glitched the flying report it only heppened 1 time when i left the server its gone

Alright, I appreciate you being fully honest about it. Now, I’d like you to convince me to trust that you won’t cheat again.

Please go over to this page: Server and Forums Rules

Read the rules, and tell me which rules you’ve broken and promise to abide by all the rules. So that I know you actually went through them. These rules apply to everyone, and should be taken seriously.


Ok sir admin

Ive read every single rules. all sir admin

Not all 3 but every single rules

Ive broke the rule of x-ray for mining and unfair advantages for pvp

Good. I hope that you now understand not to break the rules again.

Normally we don’t let cheaters back into the server, but I’ll be willing to let this slide once. I will however be keeping a close eye on you, to make sure you don’t make these mistakes again.

I trust you’ve learned from this, and will be unbanning you now. Remember: there won’t be a third chance.