My ban appeal after almost 1 year

In-game name: antu123.
Discord ID: STORM#9195.
Ban Reason: cheating.
Reason for pleading:helo there and i got banned by lexply for cheating with wurst.
Apology: im very sorry and i promise that i wont cheat again in this server ever in my life.

pls unban me i love this server with my life and it’s my first played minecraft server.

Taking over this appeal as Lexply is unable to handle it.

I’m starting with the fact you have evaded once. Were you aware you could appeal? Why did you login with another account while banned?

do u mean antu2008?
if yes, then i dint know that i have to change my name in forums and i forgot the password of my account.
and if no, then i cant tell anything more than that :pensive:

List all the rules you broke from above.

hacks: all
behavior: beg scam
accounts: more than 1

I hope you’re aware that none of these things are okay and will get you banned if you do them.
Neither me or any other staff will go so light next time.
As you’ve taken your time to appeal, I won’t temp-ban – Unbanned.