Lexply - xray - Alvi234

In-game name:Alvi234
Discord ID :Alvi234
Ban Reason :using xray
Plead :Guilty
i am so sorry for using xray hack but i used only for 30 minuts.
i was mining on nethermine and finding some ancient debris i found only one ancient debris
by using xray hack but before i mine it i got oermenently banned. i am feeling so guilty for that i promise i will never use it again i was using it because i lost my everything by a tnt explosion .i lost my fully enchanted diamond sword that my friend gave me and i lost my fully enchanted diamond armour, fully enchanted trident, and bow ,i lost a shulker box full of enderpearl that i bought from auction i need this account because this is my favorite server.
if i use xray again then i wll never ask you to unbanned me i just need one more and last chance. i am waiting for your messge and i got banned by lexply

Welcome to the ban appeals.
So i checked how you died by tnt. Why did you tnt bomb that place in the first place? You killed yourself with your own tnt and decided to xray? Seriously?

“used only for 30 minuts”? Really? That’s a long time to be xraying… And even if you xrayed for 30 seconds, you still cheated and it causes a lot of issues for all of us.

I see that you also mined 2 debris and you dropped them to another player 3 days ago or so, would you mind explaining what that was about?

you are right but i need some ancient debris and its so rare so i decided to use xray and this xray mod was my first mod that i installed on my minecraft launcher. if you see me using xray in future you can permanent ban me i will never ask you to unban me. and i will never use xray on mythicmc. can you unban me please?? i will never break any rule of this minecraft server

I need you to answer this

my friend couldnot mine that debris using a gold pick eff idk?
and he dm me on discord so i can mine that debris for him.whenever he mine debris game say
unknown eff.
And i will never use xray on mythic i promise and you can trust me

lexply you still didnt replied me

It takes time to reply cause there are things that we have to investigate and decide on.

I found out that you let your sister play on your account.

[G▪F]|[myth]|[Alvi234] cz im am alvi"s sister playing on his pc for the first time

It seems like she also registered the account iFartCandyCorns (its either this or kggalib) without telling us about that account, it’s better to request accounts before registering any.

There’s also another account on your IP that you played on.

[G▪M]|[kggalib] its me alvi

I need you to explain who the the accounts belongs to.

I also need you to read Server and Forums Rules - Info and Announcements - MythicMC Forums and tell me the rules you broke, and make sure to read everything.
I need to make sure that you understand the rules before i can decide whether to unban you or not.

1:Any form of x-ray is not allowed.
2:Account sharing is not allowed.
i broked these two rules . kggalib is my classmate he want to play on mythic but he dont know how to answer that 3 question so i helped him to answer the questions .ifartcandycorns is my sister she played mythic for the first time on my pc . she liked it and she send me a video call and i helped her to register and answer that questions . Alvi234 this minecraft account belong to me it true

Okay, now things are more clear.

I rarely want to unban cheaters, but I’ll still give you a last chance, since i believe you’re being honest.

With that chance though, unfortunately you’ll have to start from mostly nothing. When somebody xrays on the server, we have to delete all their inventory, containers. Sorry but that’s how it goes. You chose to xray and you’ll have to face the consequences.

Please refer to hacks and unfair advantages category again before using mods or texture packs. You can also simply ask if a mod/client is allowed or not.

Any further appeals are gonna be harder to accept, and If you’re ever banned again for cheating, you will not be unbanned, so please be careful.

Your items are deleted and you are unbanned.