In-game name: FarletteGamerz
Discord ID: FarletteGamerz
Ban Reason: Racism
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading:Joking
Apology:Im Sorry For The Racism stuff i did and i hereby sentence not to do it again . I say that HeyGuys Is My Friend and I Have Given Him a alt account of mine i had been gifted by my friend and he is not my alt . I think the IP matches maybe.
I Would Let You know that i’ve not done any killing stuff of animals and when ive done ive got banned.

HeyGuys Is not my alt and if u say i would say her to shut the account

player evaded his in-game ban and discord mute with the name IMfarlette

I would not after that ?

Let’s get straight to it

  • Killed animals twice in a row and lied about it later on saying you didn’t kill any animals (despite you having mentioned the same in global chat), you’ve already been punished for this and told to read the rules, but seeing the following offences, you clearly still haven’t learnt anything from those incidents
  • Making disriminatory remarks out of nowhere which earned you a 7 day ban
  • Proceeded to argue with staff and lie to and insult them and causing a big ruckus on Discord
  • Turns out, you’ve also made another account named HeyGuys (best case scenario which I don’t believe at all is that it’s someone else playing on your IP)
  • DM and harass random people telling them not to make fun of you after your dumb argument on Discord
  • Evaded using IMfarlette account as well on both Discord and in-game
  • Apparently you’ve been shit talking the server ever since around the time you joined

Have you even read the rules? Not even the gist during the tutorial when joining?
You say HeyGuys is your friend and refer to “him,” meanwhile HeyGuys says “she’s” a girl. What am I supposed to make of this?

If you have any other alts or anything else I should know about, you better come clean now or I won’t be forgiving in the future (or any other staff who happens to have to deal with it).


You can straight ask HGgamingYT about his foxes and did i killed them . I know HeyGuys is a boy but he does i dont care i have given him my account. I just want to give my money to My friend HGgamingYT_ i dont want to play here . Please supply my money to him :pray:

No, I am not transferring your money. However, I will oblige with your other request, you can stay banned and HeyGuys will continue to remain banned too since you’re now either sharing an account with HeyGuys (as per your own admission) or you are HeyGuys.

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Then what request would i have ? You cant even do a thing for ur player. Its my hard work of my money. If cant do that , give my armour and sword to hg . Or if not idc . Its my hard work which is gone .

Guess whose fault is that
Instead of appealing your ban properly, you’re telling me “lol I broke the rules, but it’s ok, I don’t wanna explain myself because I don’t care, just give my stuff to <some other dude>”

No, I’m not doing such a thing for “my player,” since you don’t want to be unbanned, you’re not a player on this server anymore, until you decide to pull that stick out of your ass anyway


Bro you’ve said that i’ve had broken the rules. Its not that i dont apologize . You said i cant be unbanned so i just asked if you could give my stuff to him atleast my hardwork would be good somewhere man . Im not rude but you said i cannot be unbanned. I have severely apologized of what i have done and to not do it again and never.

I didn’t say you can’t be unbanned, I asked you to answer the questions here in my first reply Ibu2awesome - #4 by ibu2awesome and you replied by saying that you don’t want to play here anymore.

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First thing first i dont have problem FarletteGamerz killing my foxes he is my best friend he can kill i know he has done many bad thing but atleast give him a last chance

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Which questions man ? You are telling about my wrong doings .

Leave from this topic or they would ban you too maybe.

Hello brother ?

Please reply brother

Please give me FarletteGamerz discord token i left but want to join to see the ongoing stuff

I want you to answer me truthfully about who HeyGuys is, because the two of you chat very similarly, both of you share the same IP (and never made an account request) and he/she comes to your defence immediately after you get banned

I also want you to tell me if you actually understand what wrongs you’ve done
In fact, I want you to reply to each of the points I gave with exactly what rule you broke with each offence

If you dont want to believe i say that im HeyGuys.
I have killed a fox once of hg almost 10 foxes and once i killed a polar bear and once i was frustrated so i pulled my anger towards Wolf leon and i was racist but not intentially . Thats all and i severely apologize for all this i have but that chat you showed on discord saying that ‘I will kill hg foxes again’ is just a chat and after that and before that also i have not killed foxes. I did kill knce and after i got a 7 day ban and polar bear 1 day ban and being racist 5 day by you. I Severely apologize that i did all of this and i will never ever do it again if you give me a chance

Please reply

Reply pleasee