Got banned. I dont know who banned me tho. I got banned because i broke laws

In-game name: Nightingale1315
Discord ID: nightingale1315
Ban Reason: Got banned from discord server because i broke laws. I just wanted to know what public servers will do if i break laws. It was my first time getting banned from a server.
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: i want to join mythicmc discord server.
Apology: I’ll never ever do anything like this any more.

I could not find whoever originally banned you as discord bans are poorly logged by discord itself. So I will be dealing with this appeal.

I do not find that to be an acceptable reason to break the rules, a better way is to just ask what consequences are? Also that makes it sound like you intend on breaking more rules… I found a log of you saying the n-word in discord, which is a bit much for wanting to know what will happen if you break the rules in a server. Your lucky you didn’t get banned in-game as well for saying it in the discord.

I expect you to read the rules again (assuming you even read it the first time).
I also want a reason of why i should should unban you on discord after you’ve said a slur.

Hi sir/ma’am

I promise not to break rules anymore, and i didnt read the rules of mythicmc discord, Sorry. I want to u to kindly unban to… join the discord server… and why would i break the rules in a server which i really want to join at this time. I firstly joined the server last January or something by the invitation of my school classmate who is also a part of the mythicmc discord and in-game. When he invited me i didnt actually want to join, but because he said i joined. But now i want to the discord Server… please i kindly request the admin to unban me.

What is your classmate’s in-game name if I may ask?


Since you “didn’t read the rules”, you can start by reading both the in-game and discord rules and tell me which ones you think you broke.


I think i broke the rule number 7 of discord. And will you unban me any time soon?


From what i saw, you broke 1, 4, and 7 from the things you sent (that i could find still).
Additionally you failed = Use common sense.

Your reason for doing it was dumb, but considering you haven’t gotten yourself in trouble in-game I’ll remove your discord ban, but the next discord ban for the breaking the same rules will not be appealable