Got banned for changing the name

In-game name: TheFenonem
Discord ID: 6484
Ban Reason: I am actually a youtuber I changed my name on youtube so I changed my in game also I forget about if I got change my name I will be banned so please help me
Plead: I know its wrong but I really wanted to be unbanned
Reason for pleading: cause to get unbanned
Apology: I am so sorry for that it will never happen again

Hello TheFenonem, welcome to ban appeals
I am glad you came here to appeal and to get unbanned instead of trying to evade your ban by making more accounts
you got banned for making multiple accounts and all got banned because its against our rules
I am willing to unban you after you read the Rules again and tell me which name you wish to keep playing on it
you can only have 1 account, so choose a name