Got banned by Tqti_

In-game name: Jazzgamer
Discord ID: I forgot my discord account
Ban Reason: Xray by Tqti_
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I wanna be honest, and wanted to go back to the server.
Appology: I was doing a strip mining at wild just to find minerals (ex. diamonds, emeralds) and I got bored because it seems so hard to find diamonds it took me 3 hours just to get a stack of diamond ore, so because of that I decided to use xray so that I can easily find diamonds which is I know it’s against the rules. I am really sorry using this sort of hacks. I know that my reason of doing it is for real bullshit but I would take a look closely to the rules of the server so that I can’t do any damage or inappropriate things that may result me to ban. Just please give me another chance to play on your server.

Hello @Jazzgamer1
I appreciate your honesty but it’s disappointing to see players that know the rules break them anyway unless you lied about knowing the rules.

To confirm that you did read the Server and Forums Rules please reply below which rule you’ve broken.

Thank you for the appreciation, I will for sure take this as a lesson to not break any rules again.

The rule that I broke is under
Hacks And Unfair Advantages

  • Any form of x-ray is not allowed.

Now, when you used xray did you sell the materials you collected or give them to other players?

I used xray for like a weeks ago I don’t remember the exact time I used xray hacks.

But I do remember that I didn’t give any of my xrayed loots to other players, and also the loots that I obtained are still remained on my chests, and also I sold some of the diamonds that I got from using xray.

I am really sorry again for this.
I hope I said it clear. Thank you.

Alright, now due to your use of xray we will reset your balance, inventory and remove any valuable you obtained. Next time you will be caught breaking a rule it won’t be the same.

Be more careful in the future,
Unbanned and Closed.