Console - Illegal client modifications - WitherStorm

In-game name: WitherStorm
Discord ID: WitherStorm#8233
Ban Reason: Illegal client modifications
Plead: Innocent of course
Reason for pleading: Well… its obviously, i want to play again at server
Apology: Hey staff, my apology will be simple the same as facts happened; i was placing dirt in my faction, and then i got banned.
I tried to figure out what client modifications meant, and searched on web for it… so i only could realise that maybe my launcher could be the reason.
I use TLauncher, and also i use texture packs that i’ll list here:

  • starwars texture
  • dog, chicken, cow, wolves, zombie textures
  • sky with moon texture

Really i don’t know what was the reason that console banned me; and if at the end my appeal will be denied, tell me what caused it, not just close it.

Seems like a false positive, unbanned.

Read the rules here on illegal client modifications which are not allowed on Mythic before playing: