Console - "Admitting to Evading" - King_Newt

In-game name: King_Newt
Discord ID: king.newt
Ban Reason: Admitting to Evading
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: Left after my llama was stolen, wanted to check out if my faction was there four years later, but I could not join the server because I was banned.
Apology: If I did do this I am extremely sorry, but I have no recollection of these events occurring, I would love to rejoin this great server and have some nostalgia about some great times with some friends.

I looked and this was infact over 4 years ago. It looks like your original ban was for advertising another server on another account, and then you were banned on this account for evading the other account.

Being how long it has been and considering your original offence wasn’t overly bad, I’ll be nice and assume that you’ve changed/actually want to play now rather than advertise another server.

Please make sure to re-read the rules, and then you can be unbanned:

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Thanks so much