Cheating in Parkour

Console - Unreasonable parkour completion time - Nooobie69

In-game name: Nooobie69
Discord ID: atomic_gamer123
Ban Reason: Unreasonable parkour completion time
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading: I am missing my days of playing in the server with my newly made friends.
Apology: Hey there its Nooobie69. I was banned for cheating and i have realised my mistake. It is true that i was cheating in parkour but i was doing it for fun not to harm anyone so i hope that you can forgive my mistake that i have done.

Of all the things you could have cheated in, parkour is by far the stupidest. Even if you did not intend to harm anyone, since there is a money reward for completing courses you would be gaining advantage in other parts of the server.

Please re-read the rules and tell me when you have: