Banned by tqti pet killing and greifing

In-game name: aaditya44
Discord ID: aaditya444#8895
Ban Reason: greifing and killing pets
Plead: Guilty srry to say but i killed the parrot with fire worka BY MISTAKE BCS OF HASTE , and was just experimating does tnt works in fac with access
Reason was experimating for pertg dp and with tnt too
Apology: i didnt noticed
banned tqti

Hello @aaditya44
I was informed when the pet’s owner asked you if you killed it you denied it, you could be honest and say it was an accident and wouldn’t get you banned. As for the TNT, I have no words. You have a history of breaking rules, you once made a deathtrap and you were temporarily banned for killing animals again. Coming to a conclusion, you haven’t read the rules properly.

Please read the Server and Forums Rules and reply below which specific rule/s you’ve broken this time.

  • Stealing from or griefing other players is not allowed.

Correct. Now please answer the below questions with True or False to confirm you did read the rules properly.

  1. Bidding to my friend’s auction so the price increases is allowed.
  2. More than 1 sub-faction is allowed.
  3. Machines that make noise are not allowed.
  4. Resource packs that provide brightness are allowed.

The best way to respond is by writing the question’s number and next to it True/False.

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1 false
2 false
3 true
4 true

Correct, I’m glad you’ve read the rules properly.

Be more careful in the future,
Unbanned and Closed.

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