Ban appeal

In-game name: spampet
Discord ID: boomlord (48 usp)
Ban Reason: lagging the creative server
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: i tried using commands, and i tried to fill my whole space with skeleton heads, wich crashed my game, after that i tried to reach out to staff/admins in chat, but nobody responded, so i thot that they will fix it evetualy, but i banned in the end.
Apology: i’m sorry, i was just playing around, i didnt want to make a mess.

It’s been years at this point so I won’t make this take too long.

It’s been so long there isn’t really a way for me to prove whether you actually tried to reach out to staff or not. Creative has been fixed to blacklist items that could crash it a while back, so it doesn’t much matter now.

Why did you put your in-game name as spampet when your registered as boomlord? Which name do you intend on using?

Please re-read the rules and answer my above questions then you can be un-banned (and actually read them, i’ll know):

well, to give more context, when i was banned on my old account (probably named boomlord, dont remember), that account was just the game, but i could still play multiplayer, but when i bought an account (spampet), some of the data transfered over. I also don’t realy understand what do you mean that my in-game name is spampet, but i’m registered as boomlord.

I also don’t realy understand what do you mean that my in-game name is spampet, but i’m registered as boomlord.

You specified your name as spampet:


You account that is banned is boomlord, the account spampet does not exist

It looks like you’ve actually read the rules, so choose which name your going to play as and you’ll be unbanned.

my ingame name should be SpamPet, but you can unban the account boomlord, as that was the name i had when i was banned, i think it will work.

I have un-banned boomlord for now

So if i read what you said correctly, you wish to use SpamPet as your name now, if this is the case please tell me now.

Names are case sensitive, so if the above is the case, please clarify if you want to use spampet or SpamPet

It works, thank you for your help, and yes, it is SpamPet, not spampet.

And also, there is an error, it says you can not register more than 1 accounts, per ip. request more on the forums

That is as expected, players are not allowed have more than one account so the plugin prevents it.

Staff must change your name for you, which i have now done. You should be able to login using SpamPet using whatever your previous password on boomlord was.