Ban appeal

In-game name: dandan123
Discord ID: the_one_and_only
Ban Reason: for griefing b3city
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: so for the past couple of weeks ive been to college doing stuff and this week i came to meet my parents afterwords i wanted to catch up on some minecraft so i tried to join the server and it said banned permenantly for griefing and normally my brother plays on my account beacuse we both play on the same account.
Apology: if my brother did something wrong i am soo sorry il ask to make another account so he dosent do something again

It was just brought to my attention that you also tried to log in as several staff members in february. What’s your explanation for that?

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that must have been my brother when i was in college

And I assume this was your brother too?

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idk what he did but thats not me and i dont joke like that anyway

and why would i say pls fruit like wat is that

What about this post here, was this you or your brother?

nope probably my brother

another thing
i wanted to become a biulder so i applied on a google form and only on a google form




heloo anyone there

it wasnt me it was my brother il give u proof if u want

Here’s a fun fact, account sharing is not allowed. Whatever your account does, it’s your fault, even if it was your brother, your friend or whatever. As far as anyone’s concerned, “dandan123” did all these, therefore “dandan123” is guilty.

i didnt share it i made this account just before i went to college and then after i came just banned and just wondering what do i do now

and only on my family computer has this happned so i didnt share my details if they are still on my family laptop

Ok, let me rephrase that, your account, your responsibility.

So what do i do now

You realise that “my brother did it” is not a valid excuse and you are still guilty of all the rules broken. And do what I asked you, read the rules and tell me which you broke.