Ban appeal


where do i access them

found them
1=sharing my account

i think thats it

Bump? :pensive:

if theres any more please tell me

bump plss

bump heloo anyone plss its been a while


1=sharing my account


bump bump

heloo anyone plss its been ages

astelon you there

The more you spam this, the more I’m inclined to deny it. If you wanted to get back to the server fast, you shouldn’t have griefed in the first place. I’ll deal with your appeal when I’ll have time.

But it wasn’t me it was my brother

9 more days left



That is not all. You’ve got 2 out of 3, possibly 4, though I’m willing to give you the benefit of doubt on that one: account sharing, griefing, logging in as other players and asking for admin (although on your post you asked to be made builder, which we are technically looking for).

Give me a good reason why you should be unbanned.

beacause my brother did the illegal activities