Ban Appeal // Itz_Eaglan

In-game name: Itz_Eaglan/ Itz_Eaglan05
Discord ID: 535536604958162964
Ban Reason: “piece of Shit by kenace”
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I wanted to join back to the server like in the old days.
Apology: I was chatting with a friend on PMs and as a joke I called him the n-word. I did not mean in any instance to harm or harass him in any way. I am not a racist person and I do not intend to do a hate speech agaisnt any person. Furthermore, he was fully aware I was not being serious.
I truly apologize for my behavior and I fully understand I shall not say those sensitive words under any circumstances. I promise I will not repeat it.

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Do you mind explaining why you decided to evade your original ban with Itz_Eaglan05?

I changed my launcher username one year later and I tried to join the server back forgetting I had been previously banned. I was even thinking why my account got erased when it asked me to register and not login. A few time later when I got my new account banned for evading, I remembered what had happened but I kinda lost the hope in joining back. I didn’t know ban appeals are a way to get back until a friend of mine told me they actually work sometimes. I’m sorry once again for all this.
Thank you

You shouldn’t be using those kinds of words in this server, regardless if it is with a friend or not. They are not tolerated in this server period. There should have also been a link that directed you to the ban appeals when you logged in to see your ban message.

Regardless, you did manage to make an appeal, and you didn’t continue to evade. That’s already a MASSIVE step that not many people do. I do not see much of a reason to keep you banned.

Just don’t say those offensive words here again and give the rules another read around as you come back to the server: Server and Forums Rules
That being said Itz_Eaglan05 will remain banned, but you may return online using Itz_Eaglan.

Your appeal has been accepted.
You may return to MythicMC immediately.