Ban Appeal for A__2

In-game name: A__2
Discord ID: Wolf__Craft DISCO#1837
Ban Reason: Being mean and a big evil lad
Plead: Guilty or Innocent: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I wanna play again It is so boring
Apology: Sorry for all who got hurt by me

Hello A__2 and wlecome in ban appeals section.

To get started I will ask you to read Server and Forums Rules and tell me which rules you have broken.

@WOLFA2 if you haven’t noticed that a staff member replied, please activate notifications

got it
Use common sense

Dear @WOLFA2,
If you’re not going to take this seriously you can just say so and I can deny your ban appeal.

My goal as a staff member is to make sure that the players who have been banned know why it has happened, understand the rules and are fit for the community. I do remember hearing that you weren’t interesting in appealing your ban, but here we are. If you took the time to appeal, even if it were very low-effort, I take everything into consideration before taking a decision. And the amount of sarcasm you’re putting in there is not going to help you getting unbanned, but I’m sure that you already know that.

I’m a straightforward person, so I’ll go straight to the point. You have two options here:

  1. You start taking this seriously because you actually want to appeal your ban and we can see what can be done from there.

  2. Or you keep wasting your time because you’re bored and have nothing better to do and I deny your ban appeal right away without offering you any chance to appeal in the future. This decision would be final.

Your choice really!

P.S. I can see edited messages. Don’t really understand why you removed the "Don't Ban Evade" from your previous message ;D

Whatever wrong I did I’m really sorry .

Rule which I broke
Impersonation of others is not allowed
As a new name called LaughtOutloud

Reporting players falsely or attempting to get them banned without a valid reason is not allowed.
False accusing u that time

Ban evade A__2
Thought that no appeal for me that time that’s why I did it


Now, why did you evade your ban instead of appealing it?

I thought I didn’t did any wrong and u won’t unban m bcs u are the one I false accused so that’s why I evaded
(Now I know not at that time)

I see, though what I find surprising is that you still had contact with some people in the server (I know this much) and I’m pretty sure that at least a few people knew that you were evading, and that no one told you the risks.

Ban evading has never been acceptable. You have played in the server in a while, so I’m sure you’ve seen people getting banned because they evaded their ban

mhmm i nvr thought this would end up really this bad i was trying to cope both as A__2 and LAUGHOUTLOUD bcs i can’t swear in that thing so it was hard . now i realise my mistake . Sorry for what happened at the discord false accusing u

I see. Then was this account the only one you have ban evaded with?

Nope I did like 3 times
One with Wolf_craft ig
2nd xXJohn69WickXx

Reply pls m8

I thought this would happen before making that alt acc

After thinking about this for a long time (as you might notice) I have decided to deny your ban appeal as the community has shown discomfort towards any possibility of you coming back. As you know we have a very low tolerance towards toxicity, and you took things too far too often. I genuinely hope that this experience will allow you to stop being toxic.


k im changed tho

sry about the first one , can u do me a favor can u just say dat i said good bye to everyone in the server pwease :pleading_face:
And also Au’ Revoir for u (learnt French In the mean time lol)